Skullgirls a good place to start before getting guilty gear?

WhizardWhizard CFN: WhizardJoined: Posts: 513

I have tried to get into the world of anime fighters before but having a lack on console and only PC I downloaded skullgirls ages ago and got severely bodied and it turned me away as I was still learning street fighter and enjoying it at the time but I think the time has come for me to re-visit anime fighters as I love the shows and movies, not the mention the 2D is cool AF and looks super pretty on the newly updated games.

My question was, will taking time to try to learn skullgirls get me ready for when I am able to get a stick for my PS4 and pick up Guilty Gear? I have Guilty Gear X2 reloaded on the PC but it has no online mode, same with calamity trigger.

In case a majority of opinions is that it would be better to just play X2 reloaded and get to grips with that even offline.


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