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  • NecrotrophicNecrotrophic Does not like SJWs or the alt right Joined: Posts: 5,989
    What are the best setups in the corner? Specifically off the launcher or after rekkas?

    I know some of the fake crossups with HK but I consider that more of a gimmick than anything

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  • slash357slash357 Joined: Posts: 20
    Not sure if this has been asked but:
    after cl.mk, why is it Mago alternates between jump cancelling it into divekick cl.mk and dash clmk?
    Is which followup you can get after cl.mk character specific?
  • otoriotori RTSD Joined: Posts: 6,190
    Divekick is universal. Dash cl.mk doesn't work on some characters. I haven't played in a while so I can't recall off the top of my head...I remember either one whiffed on adon.

    Also after mp palm, fadc, s.lp, cl.mk only divekick whiff works.

    Just to what you find easier/more stylish.
  • Cows_say_meeeowCows_say_meeeow Joined: Posts: 83
    Yang cant do dash forward cl.mk on Adon, Cody, Dudley, El Fuerte, Honda, Guile, and Hakan (inconsistent)
  • LaronXLaronX Joined: Posts: 4
    I played Yang yesterday for the first time and he was a lot of fun. Don't know why didn't try him earlier.

    Anyway a few simple questions. What spacing is Yang best at and how hard is he to pick up? Maybe some newbie friendly guide?
  • NecrotrophicNecrotrophic Does not like SJWs or the alt right Joined: Posts: 5,989
    im relatively new to yang, theres not a lot of help out there for playing him. most people dropped him when 2012 came out.

    yang generally wants to be at cr.mk range.

    I would say Yang is one of the harder characters to learn in this game.On the surface he seems easy, but it doesnt play out that way. He is viable though.
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  • LaronXLaronX Joined: Posts: 4
    Hm... I guess I am a bit late to the party ^^'

    anyhow thanks man :D
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