UK Players !!!

SudaFightsSudaFights Joined: Posts: 4
I'm just seeing if there is a community of UK KI players that I could join in with;talk tech, spar, just play a few lobbies and friendlies with.

I'm kinda new to KI, I've been dabbling since I picked my x1 up last sept but I'm trying to get serious, I'm a TJ Combo player and just looking for new people really as none of my friends IRL are into fighting games.

My Gamertag is SudaFights so drop me a message sometime,



  • UKTyrantUKTyrant Joined: Posts: 7
    I'm in pretty much the same situation though I don't expect to have the time to get too serious I'm definitely looking forward to putting in some training =) UKTyrant on Xbox Live
  • ozmanloveozmanlove Joined: Posts: 3
    I'm a uk player to. New to KI.
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  • JinTheAvengerJinTheAvenger Im Workin On It... Joined: Posts: 38
    Feel free to add me although I don't get much time to play.
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