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Super A+ Grade: Strider Combo Thread



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    ifbpwnstar wrote: »
    xcamero360 wrote: »
    ibpwnstar! Strider guy! What's up? On taking your advice to add Strider to my team, I came to this thread.

    Anyway, this question is to you and all Strider players: Should this combo work without interruption from the opponent?

    (corner) cr.L, cr.M, cr.H, S, forward jump, j.M, j.M., j.H, j.S, Orb charge, Orb shot, jump, front throw, qcf atk +atk
    I think it should but i wouldn't go that route, missing lots of free damage and better set ups.

    I'm still basic with my Strider combos, but I would do:

    c.:l::m::h: f+:h::s:, sj.:m::m::h: qcf+:l: (land), j.:m::h: qcf+:l: (land), :s:, sj.:m::m: dj.:h::s: (land), qcb+:s:, qcb+:s:....now go for back throw, qcb+:s:, qcb+:s:, dash, :s:, combo...

    Learn to pick up throws with Orb charge then fire. It seems hard at first, but you can pretty much buffer the charge before you land I've noticed. You can also do the throw set up by just doing hyper and they'll air tech (instead of charge/fire orb ender). You'll still need more mix up though as opponents will expect throw resets from striders. Mix in dash under :h:/:s:, block series jump and then mix up on the ground, call animal and mix up, etc...

    Thanks for the combo! I can't execute it yet, but it helped me make a similar combo. Got some work to do.
  • xcamero360xcamero360 Joined: Posts: 63
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    I'm having trouble getting the second S to connect in

    cr.LMHS, sj.MMH, qcf+L (land) fj.MH qcf+L (land) S fj.MMdj.HS (land) qcf+atk atk

    What should I be doing?
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    Any good Level 1 X factor combos that kill? Preferably without meter
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    So I still can't land the combo piece:

    ...,fire sat B, wall cling, wc.LMH, j.dpf+H (land), arm sat B, dpf+L, fire sat B, dpb+H

    The issue being the dpf+L. I can't seem to make it land. Is it character dependent? Is there some trick to it? It just seems to whiff barely out of range.
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    Hey guys, sorry to ask this scrubby ass question, but I'm tired of not being able to bird bomb loop lol. What's the most beginner friendly variation of he lvl.3 bird bomb loop? As long as there are no instant overhead double jumps, I should be able to do it. I've been playing strider for almost a year now and have been putting this off for way too long. I'm going to final round so I'm trying to work out all the kinks in my gameplay so I don't embarrass myself too badly.
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