What happened to the Spoilers?

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There seems to be a change in the Spoilers where the "SHOW" button is now replaced by "...", and if there is a YouTube video inside - the button is replaced with YouTube's play button

For example:
SRK's Story Thread Crew:
  • bakfromon, Miðgarðsorm, & Lord Vega - Translations and Lore info
  • just5moreminutes - Story Mode v2.0
  • Doctrine Dark - Character Bios and Endings
  • Shockdingo - The paragraph writer
  • YagamiFire & Darc Requiem - The thread MVPs
  • Cestus - the Dolls endorser
  • The Shakunetsu - The character concept machine
  • Caio_Lins - The CFN profile cropper
  • Daemos - The thread dictator, also a Bison fanboy
  • DarthEnder - The bullshit caller

Also starring (but not limited to):
Mykka, Scotia, Hawkingbird, TrueBackLash, Chun-Li_Forever, Kecka, ruthless_nash, mikros, ...


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