London meetups?

luey14luey14 Joined: Posts: 56
Hi I'm new to London and was wondering if theres weekly meetups around playing street fighter etc?



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    Moving to world match making.

    You may also have better luck checking for a London fighting game facebook group.
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  • KungFooKungFoo London Joined: Posts: 661
    Yep there are at HOG London. Check out their Facebook page. Sundays.

    There is also a weekly tournament called bracket reset at Caledonian road. Wednesdays.
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  • luey14luey14 Joined: Posts: 56
    cheers for that. After viewing it seems bracket reset is for pros? HOG looks like for all levels...
  • KungFooKungFoo London Joined: Posts: 661
    Competitive players for sure.

    Hog is probably more varied. It's an arcade for all games. Then again it's weekend, sure a lot of good players show up. I may be there this week
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    Well there is a relatively new scene in East London. We have players of all abilities and will soon be running tourneys, once the numbers are high enough. If you're ever in the area, pass by!
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    I'll try to make it while I'm in London week after next!
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    Hi man

    We do weekly meetups at Violent City:

    There's one happening right now actually :)

    We're also launching a new venue in May so we will be doing things even more frequently then. There should be a lot going on.
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