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    Hi, I'll studying a semester abroad starting next januari, and my host university is Stevens Institute of Technology. Is there anyone here
    that I can ask some questions to regarding housing and public transportation? Thanks in advance
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    Hey all.

    I'm in the area for a few days for a family wedding and I'm staying in the west orange area.

    Is there a FGC community or casuals that happen in this part of nj?

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    PSN: Tactix
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    Any of you looking to buy or know a friend who wants to buy a fightstick? Im selling mine because I bought it awhile ago to try it out but Im 100% sure I'll be a pad player the rest of my gaming life. It's a limited edition BB stick for PS3 with signatures from MarlinPie, MastaCJ and Mr Quotes on the bottom. Looking to sell for $100 maybe lower.

    I would post in the trading section but I dont feel like dealing with shipping

    Nm, may have found a buyer
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    Kind of counterproductive isn't it?

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    In case no one got the memo or they haven't heard yet, Bum's upcoming KOFXIII tournament is Saturday (November 16, 2013) at the House of Crack. Check previous House of Crack Tournament threads for address, tournament rules, and other details

    Facebook page:
    "See, the problem is that you guys play Street Fighter solely for tournaments and competition with other players, but that is only one small aspect of fighting games."
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    So nobody has posted in here in awhile, huh?

    I live in River Vale (in Bergen County). Sick of online matches looking to actually play local to improve my game. I play AE 2012 mainly but I picked up Blazblue: CP recently and want to play some of that too. I also own kof13, injustice, and umvc3 and enjoy any fighting game even though I'm really not that good at most of them.

    So if anyone wants to play/still looks at this thread let me know.

    OH and I also have a stick (madcatz TE) with a joystick that is sticking and I kinda fucked shit up trying to crack it open and fix it myself. If anyone wants to give me a hand with that as well that would be awesome. Opened it twice: first time I got everything back together but it was still not working. Second time I couldn't manage to get it back together -_-
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    Anyone in the south jersey area play offline i really wanna improve my game. i pretty much play SF4, but i can pick up other games as well
  • Interstellar OwlInterstellar Owl Joined: Posts: 15
    What part of south jersey?
  • Icy Black DeepIcy Black Deep Still training... Joined: Posts: 1,470
    Don't forget that 8 on the Break is still running every Tuesday!
    340 North Avenue, Dunellen, New Jersey 08812
    Casuals start about 8:00-8:30, tournament starts 9:00-9:30.
    Ultra SFIV and Injustice are $10 each to enter, NO venue fee.

    Streamed courtesy of Jaxel on and brackets can be found at
    New Jersey
  • DeskLampTVDeskLampTV Joined: Posts: 890
    What happened to Marvel? Did people just stop showing up?
  • Icy Black DeepIcy Black Deep Still training... Joined: Posts: 1,470
    Yeah, I think that was about the size of it.
    Street Fighter kind of trailed off; Marvel held on a little longer but it's been just Injustice for a while until Ultra came out.
    But now Ultra is bringing in some new blood and we're getting good numbers for it.
    New Jersey
  • DeskLampTVDeskLampTV Joined: Posts: 890
    Damn that sucks. At least Ultra brought back Street Fighter and Injustice is thriving though.
  • MikeandIke12MikeandIke12 Average player. Joined: Posts: 36
    Looking to play locally more. I play Street Fighter, Injustice, Tekken, and a little more. I don't drive right now so a kind soul who I can hopefully trust would have to drive to me and we can go places together and get better.
  • Icy Black DeepIcy Black Deep Still training... Joined: Posts: 1,470
    Is anybody out there?

    Tournament in Princeton in May:

    Some of us have been out to RapZiLLa's tournaments in Long Island and had a good time, so I'm excited to have a much shorter drive to the next one.
    New Jersey
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    So for the last minute stuff, but I just wanna post a tournament going on in NJIT this Saturday. Entry is free for everyone. Details are in the event page here:
    or here:

    Though I recommend sticking to the facebook since updates happen in there.
  • Dpete016Dpete016 The one they call Dan Joined: Posts: 8
    Back again with another tournament on the way again. Details on this forum page:
    and on Facebook:

    Again follow the facebook event, so you can send messages on there if you have question and also catch some updates.
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