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    @DoctaMario You make some very logical points so obviously Raz0r AKA SRK's resident white knight will be butt hurt and disagree no matter how wrong he is and claim he's trolling to save face or revert to defensively being condescending of rational criticism. You've been here long enough to know no amount of logic or facts will change his mind he's stuck in his closed minded dismissiveness of reality, but I applaud the effort anyways in systematically pointing out the objective flaws in the article and not being as drive by dismissive to Raz0r as he is to everyone else that proves him wrong.

    Okay, Tiny Tim. You don't have to beg for my attention anymore. You have it. What the motherfuck are you running your mouth about now?
    Raz0r wrote: »
    I love punk's posting style. Those emotes are hilarious.
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    Hecatom wrote: »
    LMAO, some random arguing on the SFV section that good and accurate hitboxes don't mean for a good game.

    I gave up on this topic.

    It's clear that your animation doesn't mean shit because your move, though hitting your opponent's body, will completely miss. It's annoying and a real roadblock to learning visual cues. But it's in the game so if you're going to play I guess you'll just have to deal with it.
    Raz0r wrote: »
    I love punk's posting style. Those emotes are hilarious.
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    Renegade isnt really random, but he really isnt correct either.

    Meh overall.
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    pertho attacked me first, saying i get all my life tips from 106th and park.
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    I guess Zoobutthurt wants me to reply to this so I will.
    DoctaMario wrote: »
    Raz0r wrote: »
    Pretty great op-ed from Jessica Valenti ppb the trauma caused by leering.

    I eagerly await the butt hurt.

    The main problem I have with her and some of her ilk is this:
    The only advice women seem to get on how to manage their internal lives in a sexist world revolves around changing our behavior: Try not to say “sorry” or “like” as much when we talk.

    There's nothing wrong with trying to change the world around you, but getting upset that it doesn't change as quickly or in the way you want it to is counterproductive. And in a lot of cases, there's a certain arrogance to it. All one can do is change their own behavior in certain ways to ward off unwanted circumstances and do what they can to try and make the world around them a better place in the meantime.

    I don't think she's getting upset at it not being the way she wants it to be. In that same article, she talks about the mean shit guys have done to her yet she still persevered. She comes off upset that she's constantly having to do it on an every day basis. It's not even so much about her mental health as it is about the women who can't deal with the constant abuse.

    It's fine for her to advocate for those women because, let's face it, courage varies from person to person. Just because one person is willing to get up and shout down their oppressor doesn't mean everyone will. She is falling on the sword and dealing with the harassment that comes when you tell someone that the behavior they've been exhibiting throughout their lives is wrong.
    Beautiful women (hell, even some average women) have a host of problems some of the rest of us don't have to worry about, but if they want to be functional people, they have to learn to adapt in some way. Everyone has problems, they're all different, but the core of it is the same: You either adapt, or just stay home. Take a taxi to work instead of public transportation if you don't like the subway. There are always going to assholes of both genders who act like they were born in a fucking barn, you're not going to change that ever. But if you can avoid them or at least be psychologically strong enough to adapt when you encounter them, it's going to make you a much more put together person.

    Putting the burden on them isn't really fair. I always use the bootstraps analogy to combat this: if the system is rigged against you succeeding, would you feel fine if someone told you just to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps? The answer is likely no and you'd be right. She and other women feel the same way. Since the beginning of time, government and social order has been in place to benefit men.

    Yes, there will always be assholes. That doesn't mean they shouldn't do something to minimize the behavior or even stopping it from spreading. And like I said before, not everyone can just develop the mental fortitude to persevere and that's fine. They shouldn't take the burden anyway for social behavior that can be changed. You could say go to a psychiatrist but those are in short supply and even then if you're poor or a minority you're not very likely to even get an appointment.
    Valenti also makes herself a lightning rod for the threats she gets online, so hearing her complain about online trolls is jokes. Again, she made the choice to do what she's doing, and if she doesn't want to deal with it, if she can't handle it, there are other career choices out there I'm sure she could get into. Assholes and idiots have twitter accounts, there's nothing you can do about that short of shutting down twitter.

    She decides to speak out, so she has to take on the trolls? I wonder if people were fine with racists lynching those who spoke out against segregation and shit. Probably not.

    But yeah, Valenti isn't really complaining as she is just mentioning a truth: if you're a woman writer with an online presence and write about women's issues you're going to attract a ton of trolls with nothing better to do than shit tweet at you.
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    I love punk's posting style. Those emotes are hilarious.
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    Razist calling someone else butthurt? Magneto couldn't lift this Chinese knockoff irony man.
    P. gorath said: seriously though, it really crystalized how much better mvc3 is than that game. "Oh look, commando vs. 3 characters...this will be excitin--zzzzzzzzzzzzzZZzzzz"
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    I'm never butthurt over anything someone says here. I'm just eccentric and angry sounding in my style of posting.

    Seriously, SRK is jokes. Aside from maybe 3 posters, I don't take the opinions here seriously because they come from a very narrow point of view. The people who once made for good discourse no longer post here so I'm left just shit posting my days away to pass the time while it's slow at work.
    Raz0r wrote: »
    I love punk's posting style. Those emotes are hilarious.
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    masalah mondays

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    Whatever, Asian women


    this one isn' whatever asian woman.


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    I would want to see Angela Lee and Paige VanZant on some lesbo scissor "grappling" action
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    They just released a teaser for Touching The Cellphone
    Or is it a screen saver?

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    That was a garbage ass trailer, it shouldn't even be called a trailer it's a teaser technically. The sad thing is unlike a lot of people who justifiably auto hate Ubisoft for being among the biggest liars in gaming, I'd actually buy Watch Dogs 2 if reviews were good and it looked like a fun game because the core premise is awesome, but even as an open minded guy that teaser was a really bad first impression and I imagine will set the tone for future promos unless of course we see actual game play and it looks legit, but even then a lot of people will be skeptical since Ubisoft blatantly lied about the game play last time and will likely just wait for release/reviews or skip it altogether. If Ubisoft wanted to reverse their reputation and save the IP they should have waited until they had real game play footage.

    *googles to see WD1 sold over 4,000,000 copies in it's first week of release*.....ok fuck my post Ubisoft can sell a turd with $100 bottle of warm piss DLC and they'd still fly off the shelves, bravo Ubisoft you guys won the game of Capitalism.
    P. gorath said: seriously though, it really crystalized how much better mvc3 is than that game. "Oh look, commando vs. 3 characters...this will be excitin--zzzzzzzzzzzzzZZzzzz"
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    I'm impressed with the sf5 subforum. Didnt think it could be that but there you go.
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    jimmy1200 wrote: »
    pertho attacked me first, saying i get all my life tips from 106th and park.
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    The issues I have with Jessica Valenti's article (and pretty much any article she writes) is that in addition to being contradicted by studies it also doesn't hold up logically. Aside from her being someone that embodies first world privilege she also expects to not get trolled when she complains about first world non-issues. This is the same woman who lamented the plight of women getting catcalled to only write about how she misses getting catcalled a year later. The truth is anyone with a opinion on a popular platform is subject to criticism and harassment. I recall a study conducted awhile ago that observed the social media of british celebrities, journalists and politicians and they found that on the whole, men were abused more then women. I forget the exact figures but I think it was something like 2.5 percent of the tweets sent to the men and less than 1 percent of those sent to women were classified as abusive. Interestingly enough male politicians were something like 6 times more likely to get abused then female politicians. Its a small sample size granted but it just goes to show that when your famous and have a large audience you're bound to get negative feedback. I think common sense would have already dictated this but then again jessica Valenti is not exactly the most sensible person.
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    Pertho wrote: »
    For somebody who took pictures of herself after getting nutted on, Jennifer Lawrence def takes herself too seriously.

    Link? :coffee:
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    Matriarch wrote: »
    Pertho wrote: »
    Think I'd rather listen to babies crying that women complain.

    It blows my mind how they can bitch about a problem, stop you from fixing it, and then bitch about the problem again.

    How? Just how do their brains work? @Matriarch needs to writer a primer on this nonsense because this match up is crazy.

    Men and women tend to communicate differently (I know, a shock). The science is still out as to why. It's difficult to pin down environmental/cultural factors, biological factors, and the interaction between the two. Because yes, your biology can influence how you interact with your environment, and your environment can influence your biology...but let's not lose ourselves in etiology.

    When women complain they typically want to be heard, validated, and understood. It's an emotional exercise. It's a way to vent frustrations. It's even a way to reach out and establish a social connection. In fact a lot of female friendships are built on the idea that we're all going to get together and complain. And if we get to complain about a common annoyance that's even better.

    When men hear a complaint they typically want to find a solution to a presented problem.

    It's not that women don't ever want solutions, it's that they usually want to get all the emotional stuff out of the way first. And when you go straight for a solution, it makes the woman feel like you're dismissing her feelings. Worse yet, if she's trying to reach out to establish a bond with you, you're also making her feel rejected.

    Consider the following example:

    Person 1: "Susie at work really hurts my feelings when she does X."

    Person 2: "Just stay away from Susie."

    Notice that person 2 dismissed person 1's feelings and instead sought to simply provide a solution. But what if person 1 wasn't looking for a solution? What if they just wanted a chance to vent and feel supported? What might that look like?

    Person 1: "Susie at work really hurts my feelings when she does X."

    Person 2: "That must be really hard...I bet it must be difficult to come into the office on some mornings with that waiting for you."

    If the difference here seems nuanced and subtle, here's a much more extreme example that shows how this can really be off putting.

    Person 1: "I'm really sad, my dog just died. Every time I find one of his toys around the house it makes me want to cry."

    Person 2: "Get a new dog."

    So yes, getting a new dog might be a solution to the problem. But there's a good chance person 1 isn't quite ready to be there yet. They're still processing their emotions about the current situation. Jumping immediately to solutions ignores the importance of person 1's feelings.

    This communication pattern can actually be seen at pretty young ages. For example, if a little girl wants to impress you or befriend you, she'll often note how you're alike. She wants to find a common ground where you can connect.

    Example: "We're both wearing purple!"

    So when you get a bunch of women together and they're all complaining...yeah, entire friendships can be formed. Especially if they tend to complain about the same things in the same ways.

    Contrast this to how little boys tend to be when they want to impress or befriend you:

    "This is super man on my shirt! He's really strong and fast!"

    He wants to associate himself with something that he sees as impressive, hoping you'll see that association too. After all, he must be awesome if he's wearing a shirt with someone so awesome on it, and you should think that too. Little boys grow into men, and like little boys men tend to want to impress, they tend to want to get things done. And a big way to get things done is to find solutions to problems.

    So if I had any advice for men in such situation it would be this: There are many kinds of solutions to a problem. Sometimes the best solution is simply to listen and show that you understand where someone is coming from. Sometimes people just want to feel a little better. Their problem isn't that they need to get away from Susie or need to get a new dog, just that they need you to be there for them.

    Yeah, I was with you until that dude's dog died. That's fucking sad. :sad:

    Having a lil boy and a lil girl puts a lot of this into context for me. I have to hold back and be extra tough on my girl so I don't fucking spoil her, or else my son will complain that I love her more. I go out of my way to make sure that his needs are met and that he feels appreciated. It's amazing how much more emotionally needed boys are than girls. And it's fucked up that most people make is socially unacceptable for them to express that. Well, that's how they make you feel whenever you express your emotions as a male. You're told to suck it up, man up, or just deal with it.

    And that's how we get there, to that point you speak of, where our approaches to emotional feelings are round-about, straight-to-the-point let's fucking fix this.

    I have to learn to totter the line between making my son become emotionally tougher without alienating him because he thinks I'm too tough on him, while at the same time not coddling him to the point where he becomes a sniveling little unattractive bitch.

    That's the difference. You begin with a cute little boy wanting you to admire his Superman cape, but you end up with a simple man who wishes he could just be a Superman without having to conform to what everybody presupposes about him, or else be exposed as a fraud. If a man actually tries to emotionally connect with a woman, it's usually a failure. You might have two people who just have personalities that mesh well with each other, and that's wonderful. But that's pretty rare, even if the relationship is allowed to carry out to fruition. But the truth is that a man has to keep his emotional self hidden, only allowing it to peek through at certain relevant times. Knowing how to determine when those times arise is key to maintaining a relationship with a female.

    My relationship with a certain female that I hold in high regard is like this. As a child, I grew really fond of her because we clicked well with each other, but this did not translate well into adulthood. When I connect to her now, it's like I am fulfilling her desires without her having to expend effort to fulfill my desires of being physically intimate with her. We have moved past the point where I can emotionally engage with her on a level footing. in the past, we have been intimate (no sex), but I don't think that it was the same for her, and honestly, for me it wasn't satisfying because the emotional experience that I thought would be tied to it wasn't there. So it was a disappointment for us both.

    Now, I am happy to simply be her friend, but I realize that it cannot be any more than that, for both of our sake. I often think about what it would be like to sexually ravage her like I do to the girls I bring home on rare occasion, but I still know that it wouldn't be the same. I imagine I'd be mid ways into it and realize "OMG this is ______ and not some random whore" and totally lose my focus. Also I don't know where it would go from there. It could go nowhere, but then what's the point, or it could get all complicated, and then why would we even want that? There's a certain methodology to maintaining a healthy sexual relationship with a female that I think I can no longer attain with her. So meh.

    Anyhow... That's the real difference, and no, there's not much we can do about it.

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    Azure wrote: »
    Pertho wrote: »
    For somebody who took pictures of herself after getting nutted on, Jennifer Lawrence def takes herself too seriously.

    Link? :coffee:

    cant link, only PMs.
    but tbh, I don't even remember J-Law in the Fappening pics. especially if cumshots were involved.
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    jimmy1200 wrote: »
    Doug stanhope says amber heard has been a manipulative **** since day 1, all of depps friends didnt like her, and the day of all that bullshit he had told doug that amber was planning to make up lies on him and fuck him over.

    Interesting read. Damn shame, since i wanted her to be supergirl. lol. She may get blackballed once all this clears up. Johnny still stupid for not having a prenup on some 2 year long relationship. Fucking lonely retard. Amber heard aint that special to put up half of what you own. Shes a dime a dozen my nigga. There is a poor russian girl right now, whose loyal, looks just like amber, and would be a great wife. Go find them ho's. Why would you ever date in the industry. All of those relationships fail. LOOL

    If this is to be believed, a pre nup wouldn't have mattered anyways.

    Always think it's strange when black dudes accuse other black dudes of not being hood enough. Like isn't that a good thing?

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    Pertho wrote: »
    Apparently I just won a 2 day cruise from some random radio station. Damn thin is leaving out of Florida.

    It aint even trying to pay for the plane tickets. I aint spending this much money for a 2 day boat ride.

    You don't want to go to Florida anyway.
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    I'm so happy to have the dark theme back.

    You guys have no idea.
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