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FeiLong Thread



  • bodlerbodler The Unmixupable Joined: Posts: 1,077
    I've been doing a bit better since I re implemented neutral jump into my game. Kinda forget those little ST things when I go back to other fighters.
  • psychostasiapsychostasia precision machinery Joined: Posts: 32
    Thanks papasi.
  • jdmjdm skillz Joined: Posts: 178
    precise spacing.

    but im starting to realize if you time his j.hp to purposely whiff dodging fb's he can block the sweep. but only on shotos i think. not sure
    GGPO: jdmskillz

    Super Turbo all day.
  • 7 5 07 5 0 Joined: Posts: 471
    favorite Fei player, favorite stage theme
  • 7 5 07 5 0 Joined: Posts: 471
    I need tips on Fei vs Honda. I frequent fightcade and somehow I overcome top tiers like Sim and Boxer, but I find Honda and Chun infuriating to accomplish.
  • 7 5 07 5 0 Joined: Posts: 471

    Towards the end of the battles
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