Room sharing at EVO 2015?

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Hope I'm posting this in the right place. Interested in trying to attend EVO this year. It would be my first time. I'm curious if there is an option for people like me who are going alone to get a room with other players. Or should I just book a room to myself? I'd appreciate any advice you guys have. Thanks.
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  • aznpikachu215aznpikachu215 Joined: Posts: 149
    If you trust strangers enough, go for it. I'm sure there are friendly people who are willing to offer, but it's better if you just book a room for yourself and invite your friends. If you're looking to just book a cheap place, hotwire should help, or book Super 8 that's behind Bally's.
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    It's definitely possible to share a room, with someone, for the laslast two years I've actually had the pleasure of rooming with a competitor from Texas. And it was pretty great, granted there is always some risk involved.

    If you're serious about attending send me a message dude, I'm always down to save some money
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    I'm looking to split room.
  • JusBobJusBob Joined: Posts: 5
    Never mind, just realized this is from 2015
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