VF: Final Showdown Version B coming in March 2015

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Version B update to the game is coming in March next year (2015).

No details on what's being added yet, but there is mention that the title will surprisingly not be compatible with Sega's ALL.Net P-ras MULTI network service.


  • Jinzer0Jinzer0 Ol' Skool Gamer Joined: Posts: 38
    I am hoping when it does get ported 3DS and Vita gets a port too.
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    Ps4 please
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    I have no idea what is different about Version B but I noticed when I was in Akiba last December at the Sega Arcade they had Version B of VF5:FA on its own floor of cabs.
  • spliffy_bazspliffy_baz Joined: Posts: 156
    Same game as Version A/Console version except the online functionality was removed. No balance or gameplay changes were made.
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