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GRITZGRITZ Chill out, dickwad.Joined: Posts: 193
I'm coming back after a long hiatus from SRK.

Can I please have an avatar with this image.Imperial_EO4.png

If it could say GRITZ in all caps in yellow or red somewhere that would be tubular.

Thank you!


  • TigerGenocideTigerGenocide Act like you know Joined: Posts: 1,519 mod
    I don't know if you still want this but I'll do it

    Will make phone/desktop wallpapers/Avatars. Will not guarantee quality LOLOLOLOL
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  • AKumarAKumar Joined: Posts: 162
    Are you open to help me design a logo for a website? Should be pretty simple.
  • savaii64savaii64 HYPA POM! Joined: Posts: 2,256
    Wish I'd seen this sooner lol
    Avatar Request Thread | Play HoN with me!
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