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    Gamertag: DecoyBull
  • Yuri_AcTNYuri_AcTN All the best things are collectives. Joined: Posts: 1,174
    - Xbox One GT: Eirokaj

    - Location: United States

    - Main: Sadira

    Looking for fellow KI players to play with. Please, please save me from having to fight randoms. Lol!
  • MikeThalbainMikeThalbain Joined: Posts: 2
    If anyone's interested and in the NYC area I'm starting a Facebook group to Meetup for some local KI sparring. More info coming soon!
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  • PolkStyle77PolkStyle77 Joined: Posts: 10
    Hello all. Just started playing a few weeks ago. My main is Rash but I and trying to learn Maya and Sadira.

    Please feel free to add me my gamertag is Usedtobezylem. Please message me that you are from these forums. Since Xbox does not send out notices to the person being added. I am always interested in meeting new people and trying to help each other out.
  • RpgRpg Joined: Posts: 61
    Does anyone from here play?
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