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Tatsuhiko Kanaoka

bronxsystembronxsystem Joined: Posts: 3
Hey all,

I am big fan of the Street Fighter artist Tatsuhiko Kanaoka. does anyone know if he has a website or a company name?


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    Clicked on this thread expecting some japanese porn advertisement bot. What a letdown. ;_;
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  • bronxsystembronxsystem Joined: Posts: 3
    yes i found his work on the internet but i dont see an official page or a contact.
  • Jimbo13Jimbo13 Trans-Randy Savage My pronouns are Oh and Yea Joined: Posts: 1,662
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    My guess it's in Japanese if it exists, find out what they are using for search and dig through the pages and play with Gtranslate.


    This was his website but it's discontinued, guy hasn't worked in almost ten years if you search for anything in the last year your thread is the top hit. I suggest looking at Chick Filet Tokyo and see if he is working the fryer, I can see why that guys stuff is meh...

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  • bronxsystembronxsystem Joined: Posts: 3
    thank you
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