Columbia, MO: It's just Too BRISK, baby



  • Madmanbennett78Madmanbennett78 Joined: Posts: 1
    I've been on SRK a long time ago on the alantic south forum moved here last year I play SF3 and MK and old VS games. My brother post on here I am getting a XBOX 1 looking at maybe some live friends to play and do casuals with I want to get good at it I loved the old ones and the new one looks sweet let me know send me a request on xbox live my name here is my ID
  • freefree Moving the soul. Joined: Posts: 583
    Bumping for new people passing through, we have players here still, hit me up!
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  • nuttyafanuttyafa Joined: Posts: 2
    damn, i should of looked for this thread years ago. Every time i think I'm done with fighting games, i get pulled back in and never have anyone nearby to play. What does anyone even play right now?
  • freefree Moving the soul. Joined: Posts: 583
    We play SF4 and Mahvel, but all of us come from older games so if you're looking for ST, 3S or CvS2 we're here for that too. Shoot me a message we can get you into the next hook up.
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    There still a scene going on here? My brother just started at Mizzou this fall and is interested in getting locally introduced to Ultra.
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  • Hottracer88Hottracer88 PS4 Gamer Joined: Posts: 3
    hey new to SRK and im 30 mins from columbia looking for other local players around missouri trying get into the fighting commuinty as much i can Im playing mkx on ps4 hit me up anytime hottracer88 everywhere twitter psn youtube where ever lol
  • KamikazeCactuarKamikazeCactuar Joined: Posts: 7
    Don't know if anyone will see this but I'm going to be living in Missouri probably bouncing back and forth between Columbia and Jefferson City. I mostly play USFIV on PS4 but I also have it for PS3 as well. My PSN is: KamikazeCactuar. Feel free to add me!
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    Hey Columbia MO! I'm trying to get a regular meetup going here in CoMo. I've got several folks with a tentative interest, and Ive already spoken with a venue that seems willing to host! I'm open to whatever games people want to play, but I've spent the most time with guilty gear.

    Join our group, Missouri Fighting Games MFG on Facebook so we can start to get some meetups going!
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