Fighting Game Scene In Plymouth (UK)

DuckmanDanDuckmanDan Joined: Posts: 1
Looking to meet players in local area to get some tourneys going and stuff like that. I mostly play Street Fighter 4 AE and 3rd strike but enjoy playing most fighting games. Cant wait for Street fighter X Tekken. So if your any where near Plymouth (UK) msg me on xbox or psn my gamer tag/psn id is DuckmanDan.


  • MRnightmuffinMRnightmuffin Joined: Posts: 46
    If you read this, hit me up dude. I'm in the same boat as you
  • MRnightmuffinMRnightmuffin Joined: Posts: 46
    Unfortunately I'm away from my Xbox ATM so I can't message you, however I would like to get some competition going seeing as I live near Plymouth
  • DreadnaughtDreadnaught Joined: Posts: 2
    Number 3 here. This should be enough for a tourney, eh? I'll bring the pasties.
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