Why neither EHubs nor SRK speak about KnuckleDu huge win in Asia (Douyu tournament)

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I really don't get it, we have EHubs making great news about Louffy making a tweet with his new shoes (...) but nothing about KnuckleDu?

That makes sense.



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    maybe because its a unimportant tournament and no one cares about him ?

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    Why don't you go an read one of Missing Person's shitty articles, learn a TTT2 combo to try on one of the 5 people still playing, check out some Sm4sh for a real fighting game or buy a Dhalsim action figure, instead of looking for international SFV tournament results on the front page?

    I mean seriously the articles on SRK are high fucking quality, who cares if the current Capcom Cup champion beats high tier competition with a heavily nerfed character on a website dedicated to competitive Street Fighter?
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