Utah Thread: Not everyone is Mormon......just the majority



  • Oldskool08Oldskool08 Joined: Posts: 2
    Yup we are all on the Facebook group for the most part. Huge Tourney happening March 12th so be ready and come out!
  • el grecoel greco Lite Dash Joined: Posts: 373

    Mini-Tourney: March 26
    Location: 801 Labs
    Time: MKX 1-4 pm, SFV 4-8 pm
    Cost: 10 bucks, 5 goes to prize pot, 5 goes to foundation against domestic abuse

    RanBat: April 16, 2016.
    Location: Game Tyrant
    Time: 12:00 pm to 4 pm casuals, 4 pm to 8 pm TOURNAMENT
    Cost: 10 bucks total, 5 goes to venue, 5 goes to prize pot
    Payout: Top 4 pays outs, Top 8 gets points

  • araider08araider08 Use your head! Or I will... I need a new bowling ball. Joined: Posts: 1,035
    Who plays 3rd Strike?

    I want to play 3rd Strike.

    3rd Strike is a good game.

    3rd Strike has lasted in various pockets.

    Who wants to play 3rd strike in Utah.
  • qophynqophyn new guy Joined: Posts: 7
    utah fgc dead? i wanna play in local tournaments but it seems like there are none, except the sparse game tyrant ones.
  • DusdayDusday Joined: Posts: 21
    Tournaments are sparse yes, but locals happen frequently. You just have to ask and they'll let you join. Unless you're smelly, then they never let you come back... *sob*
  • ONealskeyONealskey you'll never survive in the jungle Joined: Posts: 94
    There is a tournament this Saturday. And we are all on Facebook now. This forum is dead
  • ONealskeyONealskey you'll never survive in the jungle Joined: Posts: 94
    801 Utah fgc
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