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    I don't know what's in tomato sauce that seems to take the metallic piss taste from beef liver right out, but thank goodness for it.
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    The acid in the Tomatos.
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    What the heck killed him?
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    What the heck killed him?

    I wouldn't be surprised if he was literally "partying hard".

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    Raz0r wrote: »
    Man, you just have to move after this shit. You have to.

    Somebody is jerking it to this.

    That was some gross shit
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    Maybe this time I'll learn to just focus on what matters.
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    Manx wrote: »
    Gimpy wrote: »
    Dammit Raz0r, I was trying to stay away from that profile on Twitter. LMAO!!!

    Hooooly shit that was hilarious! Where the fuck are they? Why the fuck are there "logs" piled up on the side of the road? :rofl:

    Black people deserve everything they get, cause those fuckers sound about as dumb as them logs they were fighting with.


    They may as well have been white.
    It's not black or spanish or white that's the problem.

    It's uneducated poor people deserve everything they get.
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    Starhammer is there a reason you pollute this thread with your moronic alt right retardness when there are like 5 different political threads on gd front page? We get it, you never believed in anything until memes made an 80 yr old failed business charity case president.
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    This was almost a Tekken character.


    Yes, that is in fact a beef'd up Pac-Man.

    This is nothing.

    That inextinguishable shame that one can only feel when they are run over by the Daytona a fighting game. :sad:


    Always think it's strange when black dudes accuse other black dudes of not being hood enough. Like isn't that a good thing?

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    EVO 2017 game predictions.

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    Smash 4
    Smash Melee
    Tekken 7
    Injustice 2
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    Is it the time of the month for some of you guys? Been dead serious here.
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    Edit: Got too hype. Whiffed the thread. Kappa. BB at EVO. Hold that.
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    If Ariana Grande is trying to "Break Free" of her out-of-touch image, she's not doing a great job.

    The pop star's fans turned against her when she proclaimed herself to be "the hardest-working 23-year-old human being on Earth," adding that she is also "cute."

    Many people were not impressed with Grande's declaration.

    "Yes Ariana Grande is the hardest-working 23-year-old on Earth; not the ones struggling making 60¢ a day trying to provide for their families," one Twitter user wrote.

    Another recalled the time Grande was caught licking doughnuts and saying "I hate America."

    "Licking doughnuts in a bakery is tough duty!" someone shared.

    Someone else posted on Instagram, "Ariana, I have no doubt in my mind you work incredibly hard and have it tough sometimes. But you're also incredibly fortunate...You're not the hardest-working 23-year-old in the world...Ignorant statement, girl."
    so, the winner for best imitation of Jailbait is all mad because people don't recognize her,"hard work"?


    Get used to it. You ain't been there a full minute yet thinking you done did something.

    Always think it's strange when black dudes accuse other black dudes of not being hood enough. Like isn't that a good thing?

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    I hope there is hype killing tech discovered in smash so they can stop taking up space for games I like
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    By the way, fuck you mods for letting other threads name themselves the Lounge. Makes it impossible to search for old shit.
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    I hope there is hype killing tech discovered in smash so they can stop taking up space for games I like

    It's called Fox McCloud... Except the fanbase is too autistic and full of furries to actually understand that fact.
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    J-ride wrote: »
    I don't have a problem with Miles Morales as he at least got built up a little on his own, but I still think that it's got to be confusing in the actual comic universe to have multiples of the same character running around. How does anyone know which Spiderman you are referring to?

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    mIRC wrote: »
    That's OK. my anger has subsided now that I found my post. I had to click "More Comments" on my profile a shitton a times though.
    ~10 MONTHS AGO
    Final Round brackets hosted on a site called THE SMASH TAKEOVER. Site is kinda nice though. EVO should be hosted here so we can hurry the Smash conclusion.
    stop crying- EVO is kill. help us name this hype tournament
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    Starhammer wrote: »

    Pretty fair and accurate description of the events and results of the SJW era of Marvel Comics. Sometimes, you don't need a spider sense, an all-seeing eye, or some star faring alien race from the future to tell you that something is a bad idea.


    This is like the third(or more) "social Justice" era, this time there's such a stigma because it's become a negative meme pretty much. And that's kind of the fault of those cartoonish fuckers like Sarkeesian and that twat in the Hugh Mungus video, so they're more or less doing it to themselves.
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    Holy shit, that Windjammers game looks fun as hell.
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