Central Illinois FGC?

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I live in Central Illinois and I am wondering if there is a community for fighting games near me.
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  • DIGITALFRAGDIGITALFRAG Legendary Monkey Joined: Posts: 235
    Eh good luck man..I'm from Peoria but I don't really know of much of a scene besides maybe up in Chicago. Southern Illinois University has a thread in here too but I think that's Springfield and stuff mainly and I can't afford to travel an hour or longer every time I want to play locals.
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    Saint Louis has meet ups on Mondays. Humbag is in Champaign, IL and if you can run into him.
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  • OmegaOmega Kongo FADC Kongo Joined: Posts: 7
    I'm in Champaign and trying to see if there's people in the area still interested
  • TacticalTugboatTacticalTugboat Joined: Posts: 4
    Also in Champaign, we need a scene guys
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    If you are near springfield we are building a locals there hit my twitter @Fisheyewings
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