Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Thread (PSN)



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    He won 50 bucks and gas money
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    ggs locd0wn87 good way to capitalize on openings and punishing mistakes! Very tough player, i think it was 20-27(locd0wn87 won) ggs...
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    Seagulls and Electrolytes.
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    Sup bro
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    Last of the Prembers, R.I.P. my nibbas
    Maximilian is a racist thief
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    Seems like theres more lag nonsense on PS3 than ever before..
    lol oh well......
    Seagulls and Electrolytes.
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    add me if any1 reads this
    psn: cartr1dgebased
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    Hi, if anyone wants to trade mvc2 online on psn for a few capcom fighters, Pm me or post in this thread, if theres a different thread I need to post this in, put that in here to please.
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    Pm me for psn username.
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    if anybody wants to play tonight around 10EST I'll be on.. I play mostly low tier but I can break out a weak combofiend if you wanna play high tier. PSN: houndiest
    mvc2>mvc3, cable is trash, cable>your mom, my mom>nickguy, houndiest best on psn
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    so.... now im back on psn who trying to get some matches in with me...seeing as im just sooooooooooo free!! lol anyone wanna body a noob like me ? add me up CyberTrinity
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    Aye my PSN name is SargeSparta. I am not fantastic but if you wanna play a friendly game HMU.
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    I miss this thread, damn
    like one thousand tasers set to stun
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    Who still plays this on PS3?
    I been on Xbox for a while
    Seagulls and Electrolytes.
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    Lets bring this back
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    Fuuuuuuck Nooooo! ^^^^
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    My PSN is St3v3n092, and I have MvC2. I'm a scrub, but I'm down to play it.
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    Ok, does ANYONE have this game for PS3 that's willing to share accounts? I've been wanting to play this online for the longest time but I don't got a 360 anymore and they literally stopped selling it the second I got enough money to buy it. I was at checkout and it blocked me from completing the purchase. It was a sad day.
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    I'm in a similar boat. I need to find someone who has marvel vs capcom Origins who I can download/buy it from!

    Does anyone still play MvC2 online? When I've went into online mode I could sit there forever waiting :S
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