VF5:FS XBL/PSN Online Matchmaking Thread



  • Phishstrangler75Phishstrangler75 Joined: Posts: 5
    XBL: Phish75
    Location: La Grande, Oregon
    Skill level: Competitive but not necessarily good.
  • SchiffSchiff Joined: Posts: 623
    XBL: ylyon
    Location: Italy
    Characters: Pai, Lau

    I'm still learning (or I should say re-learning) the game :( but I love it
    I want Shenmue III.

    SSFIVAE: Gen
    VF5FS: Pai
  • ParrotProphetParrotProphet I love movies Joined: Posts: 156
    It's a shame. I can't find a single person playing this right now. :(

    Location: South California
    XBL: ParrotMan01.
    Characters: Jacky, Sarah, and Lei Fei for fun.
    I love this game! Come play me! I'm really bad, but I'm trying to learn! :)
    HDR: Fei Long, Ken / GGAC+: Sol, Johnny
    VFFS: Jacky, Sarah, Lei(for fun)
    P4A, 3rd Strike, and KOF XIII are all TBA.
  • leakeyleakey It's about the RESPECT. Joined: Posts: 89
    3S:OE, HD Remix, and VF5: FS are all half off on XBL this week for Gold members. Looks like a good opportunity for people to pick these games up! Here's the link for proof: http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Promotion/dealoftheweek

    Also, XBL: Leakey88
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  • BuffaloBuffalo The Totally Fab Bison Joined: Posts: 138
    Snagged it from the sale, brand new to VF, lookin for some people to help me get in the swing of things.

    XBL: Buffalabr0
    Playing Eileen.
    If you come at me on some disrespectful shit and you're within arm's reach, anyone can get slapped.

    SG - Filia/Parasoul | TTT2 - Jun/Ling | MK9 - Sonya, Jade, Kitana
  • BacardiBacardi steal this avatar Joined: Posts: 5,394 mod
    xbl: new challengers

    add me im trying to get back into the swing of things
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  • JSmithJSmith Still Training Joined: Posts: 15
    XBL: ProChristus107
    Location: NOLA
    Learning Eileen

    I'm usually on evenings roughly 7-10pm CST. Prefer Ranked
  • G}{0§TG}{0§T Joined: Posts: 112
    PSN: TheBeast52
    Loc: SoCal
    Chars: Kage, Jean, Lion
  • kjeino901tnkjeino901tn cant stick to one game :-P Joined: Posts: 91
    Psn: kjay62
    xbl: kjeino901tn
    loc. Tennessee
    chars. Vanessa, sarah, akira, Brad

    Doesn't matter what type of match... just want games
    tt1 michele/julia, t6 ling/leo/baek, tt2 michele/ling, umvc3 cviper/shehulk/felicia, bb makoto/noel, VF vanessa/sarah, kof leona/iori/kim, doa 5 mila/hitomi, guiltgear jam/millia/baiken, ssfiv cammy/sakura/cviper
  • TizTozBriBruTizTozBriBru Joined: Posts: 253
    Feel free to add me, crunky404 on PSN, for VF5:FA play.
    I try to keep my skills OK at this game so I play regularly.
  • Dohma916Dohma916 Im Lost for words. Joined: Posts: 23
    I just started :( average player.
    Jacky player btw.
    tag is in my sig.
    XtremeCastle Est. 2005.
    XBL: HazukiXL64
    PSN: Fury7493
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  • JackTenrac!JackTenrac! Dollar Yen - Level 304 Joined: Posts: 2,808
    - Dollar Yen SRK on XBL. Need to practice for Toryuken. :db: I main Pai. GET IT!
    Brett at T7- "Bearrama?!"
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  • ArcherNeedsFoodArcherNeedsFood Joined: Posts: 6
    The fact the last post on this thread is a couple of years old might answer my question but I still can't help but wonder. I've wanted to play Virtua Fighter for a while, and it's really cheap on Xbox One for backwards compatibility, so I was wondering how alive, if at all, the online multiplayer was?
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