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Marvel Vs Capcom 1



  • -DarkCloud--DarkCloud- Joined: Posts: 11
    no one uses mag assist let alone with dwm maybe vs dwm u might use mag but overall coll is the best helper period...I don't play it psn only on ggpo meet me there sometime you'll see how good I am and I don't use macros or infinites I'm still ranked #1 all time in the game
  • AlanEdrickAlanEdrick Joined: Posts: 1,216
    edited October 2013
    They dont GGPO for mac so I can only play on PSN, that 15 hit combo you did with Hulk made me laugh my ass off in one of those youtube vids
  • BobbypigoBobbypigo Joined: Posts: 2,466
    Ah am Da bes!
  • NickRocksNickRocks Abuse The Meta Joined: Posts: 22,922

    teach me venoms :(
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  • Don CalzoneDon Calzone Joined: Posts: 292
    Bumping this godlike thread
    Slice me nice.
  • YunaYuna SRK'S Social Justice Warlock Joined: Posts: 7,672
    I need someone on PS3 to teach me Chun-Li. ;_;
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