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    hello everyone I will be visiting a friend of mine who lives in burlington. I will be there for a week and was wondering if there was a group in that area to get some games in with. I play a little sf4,gg, and cross tekken mostly. if someone could help me find a group to play with that would be great. im always looking to meet players from different regions.


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    Having casuals this weekend:

    Jacksonville Fight Club Casuals
    May 3rd 2014 (4 pm to 2 am)
    My place

    Event info can be found here:

    If you would like to come, check out the details and join the event on FB.

    There are all skill ranges and we always have a good time. New folks welcome but PLEASE read the details. This takes place on Camp Lejeune Housing and you just need to get a pass if you dont have a base sticker on your car. (which is an easy process as I call the visitors center ahead of time with everyones names).
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    i sent you a message ed........I would definitely love to get some games in!
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    Posted in our FB Group...

    Saturday 14 June at 6:00pm until 11:00pm

    FB Group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/FGEjax/

    Fighting games casuals...

    Text (435) 625-1371 for the address if you haven't been before.

    Have tons of room for setups... Damdai is bringing his SSF2T supergun, and enough room and chairs for 6+ setups so if you bring a setup we can host it... I have extra sticks as well

    House Rules:

    -Under 21: you dont drink.
    -Over 21: its BYOB.
    -If you smoke, please do so on the back patio.
    -We will collect $ for pizza order if you want to eat, I will have some sodas/water for folks.
    -Dont wreck the bathrooms
    -No drugs... period
    -No small children, please find a sitter.
    -There are folks from all different walks of life/backgrounds... Racism/intolerance of any lifestyles will result in a quick boot out the door
    -This is in Base housing so keep things civil and be courteous to others.
    -First timers/new folks should be made to feel welcome
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    This still active?
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    I never knew there was a Jacksonville thread! You guys civilians or Devil Dogs? Been forever since I was in NC, stationed at Cherry Point. Anyway... pretty much any other thread on SRK... dead. lol

    Everyone migrated over to FB groups
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    What fb group are yall in?
    If a new or old player from Jacksonville NC plays tekken or wants to learn please pm. My steam is Dandyman90 too. I hope to hear from someone haha
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