GD Rules: Don't read, Get Bodied Free

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Rules needed updating because people are acting wilder than usual. Ignore at your own peril:

1) Don't post NSFW images. If you're going to post images of women in bathing suits, put them in spoilers if it pushes it.

2) Don't quote images or long posts. It makes the threads tedious to read. Quote the post and edit things so text that's relevant is the one quoted or replace it all with “snip”. Posts will be edited without your consent.

3) Keep drama in the thread it originated. Somebody said something dumb somewhere else then copy/paste the quote without adding a name to it. People keep their beefs where they start. If you bring stuff from other threads, other subforums or other modes of communication (IRC, Discord etc) and you're going to eat a ban for your troubles.

4) Use the spoiler tag for spoilers. If you're discussing a movie or a show outside of a thread for it, keep things spoilered. If you're in the thread be nice enough to give people some time to catch up. Intentionally spoiling things to mess with people will earn you a vacation.

5) No slurs of any kind will be tolerated. Circumventing the no slur rule with images to try to be cute will get you bodied.

6) Don't ruin threads with shitty posts for the hell of it. Obnoxiously large images that aren't spoilered, intentionally double/triple posting dumb shit will get you some free downtime.

7) If you feel a situation in a thread needs a mod, shoot us an @ or PM us a link to the posts that you want looked at. We are active, not omniscient. We are also the last word on random behaviors. If we ask a certain behavior to stop then the options are to stop or eat a ban.

8) If you have an issue with a mod, berating them publicly or privately will not get anything resolved. Make this excessive and you'll eat a ban.

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