Can't make a new topic in Trading Outlet?

CyanPrimeCyanPrime Joined: Posts: 54
Hi, I'm currently not able to make a topic in

I do not see the button under the page listings for New Discussion, and if I try to go to using basic URL know-how I get a page telling me I lack the permissions to create a topic there. (I can create topics just fine in , so I don't know whats going

I'm trying to sell a
For like $120, so any help would be great. Thanks.


  • PreppyPreppy act like you're used to it Joined: Posts: 14,457 admin
    edited December 2017
    Sounds like you just hit the 50 post requirement for the outlet. I'll manually fix this.

    Thanks for being here. Thanks for being part of this.

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  • CyanPrimeCyanPrime Joined: Posts: 54
    Awesome, thank you kindly, Preppy.
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