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  • Mr__CHUCKLESMr__CHUCKLES Joined: Posts: 239
    Location : California (209)
    Lets play some ganes
    PSN: MelTheRebel
    South Carolina (8033167885)
    USF4, MK9, Injustice, UMVC3, Skullgirls, and best of all, TTT2.
    I'm always online looking for a new challenger on TTT2.
  • EXKayoEXKayo Joined: Posts: 10
    SRK: EXKayo
    PSN ID: Kayo_24
    Location: Seattle, Wa
    Mic: Ill find it!
    Times of Play: weeknights and weekends (day/night).
    Games: USSF4
    Skill level: "Go easy on me" lol.
  • NikkanNikkan Joined: Posts: 3
    edited August 2014
    I deleted this comment.
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    IDK What to put here.
  • DigitalRaptorDigitalRaptor Joined: Posts: 1
    SRK : DigitalRaptor
    PSN : ForeverDigitz
    Location : Moscow, Russia
    Games : TTT2 / Soul Calibur 5 ( Im bad at both )
    Times : (EU TIME) Evenings / Also afternoons on weekends
    PSN - ForeverDigitz
  • OhioNitsudOhioNitsud Joined: Posts: 81
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  • ShwigShwig Joined: Posts: 17
    edited December 2014
    SRK: Shiwg
    PSN ID: shwig add me Steam:psn_shwig
    Location: Philadelphia, PA
    Times of Play: mostly at night, semester just ended so I should be on more
    Games: SSF2THD, USF4 steam/PS4
    Skill level: execution issues
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    psn: shwig
    steam: psn_shwig

  • ShockBeastShockBeast @ShockBeast on Twitch + PSN & @ShockBeast_ on Twitter Joined: Posts: 106
    edited April 2015
    Hey PSN Forums, I'M ShockBeast on PSN. Add me if you need Blanka/Guile Match-Up Experience in USF4 & Reference SRK Posting in the Friend-Request. I can also play Ryu/Hugo as Secondaries but they're a work in progress. I always need Matchup Experience vs. All Chars. I only Play Endless so I can focus on the Matchups rather than that Points Crap. I also Stream a USF4 PSN Online Weekly. For more Info, Go to the Announcement SRK Link Below. Come hang Out, Train, & have some fun in chat, we're a super chill group that gather for some training, tourney, & runbacks.
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    FG's are like RPG's. You Level-Up & Eventually Fight the Final Boss level-up in the Lab & Your Final Boss is a Real Person!!
  • SaikyoStyleSaikyoStyle Not Sure Joined: Posts: 1,064
    SRK name: SaikyoStyle
    PSN name: SaikyoStyle17420
    Location: Texas
    Times: Randomly throughout the night
    Games: Super SFIV:AE, Tekken 6
    Skill Level:....Garbage.
    Move along, Nothing to see here.
  • BlitzkriegexeBlitzkriegexe When's Cody? Joined: Posts: 35
    SRK Name: Blitzkriegexe
    PSNid: Blitzkrieg_exe (PS4 only)
    Location: Kentucky
    Mic: Yes
    Times: Anytime
    Games: Ultra Street Fighter 4, getting SFV on launch.
    Character: Cody/Guy
    Skill Level: Improving
  • LobosJordanLobosJordan I Am The Devil Joined: Posts: 13
    SRK Name: LobosJordan
    PSN Gamer Tag: LobosJordan
    Location: Illinois
    Time: Usually night 10pm-6am CT
    Games: Ultra Street Fighter 4, Super Turbo HDR, SFIII 3rd Strike OE, MK9
    Skill Level: Pretty noobish lol, I am a fan of fighting games and am looking to improve.
  • LobosJordanLobosJordan I Am The Devil Joined: Posts: 13
    SRK Name: LobosJordan
    PSN Gamer Tag: LobosJordan
    Location: Illinois
    Time: Mostly nights 10pm-6am CT
    Games: Ultra Street Fighter IV, Super Turbo HDR, SFIII 3rd Strike OE, MK9
    Character: Mostly Ryu but I use everybody
    Skill Level: Beginner with basic knowledge looking to improve
  • nixodemus1nixodemus1 Joined: Posts: 2
    username: Nixodemus1
    has a mic
    Location: North America, NC
    games: Street Figther 4, soul calibur 4, blaz blue, most of the COD's, Tekken 6, vanilla MvC3,
    [*] PSN: SPECTERLIGHT (Mic for MK X [Controller])
    [*]UTOP- Varies

    SF V
    MK X

    Disciplines: Bushin-Ryu-Ninpo, Street Fighting, Demonology, IGA Ninjitsu, Bushido, Alchemy, English Boxing, Wing Chun, Shaolin Gung Fu, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Igyo Tenshin-no-Jutsu, SFCQC, Swordplay, Garou Ryū MMA, Kusanagi Ryū Kobujutsu, Yagami M.Arts, Gun Kata...
    “There is nothing outside of yourself that can ever enable you to get better, stronger, richer, quicker, or smarter. Everything is within. Everything exists. Seek nothing outside of yourself.” 武神

  • guyvin_juyvin_83guyvin_juyvin_83 Veni Vidi Vici Joined: Posts: 79
    Old thread but just incase anyone wants to play

    SRK: guyvin_juyvin_83

    PSN: Anth_1983

    Location: England, UK

    Time: Mostly nights (timezone GMT)

    Games: Umvc3, MvC2, SFV, SFIV:AE, SFIII, SF2 hd remix, Skullgirls, Kof13, Kof14, Nitroplus blasterz, Garou:MotW......

    Add me :)
  • RouninRounin Joined: Posts: 174
    In the gcc if anybody wants to play usf4 from balkans or italy please
    dm me
  • BlocksWithFaceBlocksWithFace Joined: Posts: 14
    SRK Name: BlocksWithFace
    PSN Gamer Tag: BlocksWithFace
    SFV Name: whens_makoto
    Fight Cade Name: makotos_scarf
    Location: Los Angeles
    Time: Mostly Evenings, 6pm-8pm, weekends
    Games: SFV, learning Skullgirls, Vampire Saviour/Darkstalkers
    Character: SFV - Laura, Chun, Ken, VSavior - Lei-lei, Phobos, Anakaris
    Skill Level: Beginner (Super Bronze-ish) with basic knowledge looking to improve
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