What do you guys want to see from a Smash Bros. for Switch?

DarthEnderDarthEnder Dragon Force KinJoined: Posts: 2,795
Kind of assuming they go the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and just port an upgraded version of Smash 4 to the Switch instead of building a new game from scratch, what kind of features would you like to see added?

1. Since the Switch is both a home and portable console, I would hope it would have all the stages/features from both the Wii U and 3DS versions of the game.

2. I'd like to see the boss fights from Brawl get brought back. I don't expect to see Subspace Emisary return, but it would be cool if they added a mini-boss round to the middle of Classic mode. Bring back Petey, Porky, Reyquaza and Ridley from Brawl. Dark Emperor, Yellow Devil and Metal Face from 4. And then throw in some new ones. Giga Dry Bowser, OoT Ganon, Mother Brain, Whispy Woods, Medusa, etc.

3. New characters are a must. Fully expecting to see Decidueye, Inkings and an ARMS character playable. Hoping for Simon Belmont. Also hoping Ice Climbers, Snake and Wolf return.

4. King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard assist trophies. Captain N costume for the Mii Gunner.


  • SoftShocksSoftShocks Joined: Posts: 83
    More classic stages like Yoshis story
    A new character would be cool, but i think the roster is already great
    More color choices would be awesome too. Maybe ten per character
    new alternate costumes would be great. Could i please get Cloud in a dress lol
  • AllDayDreaminAllDayDreamin Joined: Posts: 41
    It's a longshot, but I'd like to see them take steps towards the Melee days (faster, less floaty gameplay). While I'm also a fan of the third party characters, it would be cool to see them dig deeper on their list of retro characters they bring back, as well. Overall, I know they won't disappoint with characters and levels. Like others mentioned, more alt. costumes instead of colors would be an awesome addition!
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    Please no old ass Melee gameplay. Yall need to let that wavedashing and L canceling shit go.
  • AllDayDreaminAllDayDreamin Joined: Posts: 41
    Please no old ass Melee gameplay. Yall need to let that wavedashing and L canceling shit go.

    How about Melee WITHOUT the wavedashing and L canceling, eh?
  • tonyz723tonyz723 Joined: Posts: 57
    Honestly the things I want the most are better netcode and a ranked system for online play. Why the heck can splatoon have a full ranking system, yet this game can't? makes no sense to me -_-
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