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petertohenpetertohen Joined: Posts: 1
Like how you absorb a fireball and immediately taunt. I don't know how to Kara anything so if someone can break it down I would appriciate it.


  • VarmintBabyVarmintBaby Joined: Posts: 686
    @petertohen A kara in terms of fighting games means using the startup animations of one move to extend the range of another. You'll see this in SF3 3rd Strike with a character like Q. I forget which button it is but a player will press it to get one of his normals to come out, and cancel it into his throw to get a further reach on the throw. The initial animation starts of the normal which moves Q forward and then the throw gets done which extended the active range of the throw. That's what Kara typically means when used in fighting game terms. Hope that helps!
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