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how do u control space in street fighter v

Beast_ModeBeast_Mode Joined: Posts: 9
like in terms of using block strings etc


  • RandomRandom Joined: Posts: 339
    Hell if I know, it seems sloppy and unintuitive compared to SF2 and I've pretty much dropped it.
  • eviljevilj Joined: Posts: 5,137 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    low forward fireball
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  • VarmintBabyVarmintBaby Joined: Posts: 686
    @Beast_Mode It depends on that character you're using. That will determine what tools you have to control space. For example, I main Dhalsim, I use his long range pokes with push back (standing MP, MK) to keep opponents away from me and pepper in his arching fireballs to keep them from jumping. I'm controlling the space when I do that. A Ryu player though may use fireballs and stand just at a distance where you can't jump in on him over the fireball. Look up videos on Youtube for more help with this. Good luck!
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