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Community? Discord? Group?

WildhareWildhare Joined: Posts: 4
I am very new to fighting community's. I hope to become more active in this one but, my main question is there a group chat? Groups that hang around on discord? I have played other competitive games and having a place we can all talk and bs about the game is one of the ways ive learned. Is this just not how fighter games are done?


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    ignore my post
  • VarmintBabyVarmintBaby Joined: Posts: 686
    @Wildhare There are a ton of fighting game related discords. You just have to search for them. There are game related discords and character specific ones that I know of. What games do you mainly play? Maybe i can link you to some of the ones I'm in. As far as I know there's isn't a SRK website discord though.
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