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SIDENOTE** Ginyu also one of my personal favourites, just super hard to use. Please show me some cool Ginyu tech.

Compiling character subthreads, post your tech/discussion here!

Please @ me if any tech you'd like adding to the OP comes up!
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    Ok so, ginyu! Whats there to say about this guy besides the fact that hes got super great potential?

    Small overview of ginyu:

    1. 1 special move, can be "canceled" into his S ginyu force specials on block and hit.
    2. Ginyu force specials are slow to come out but always plus on block allowing ginyu to apply silly pressure with assists and ginyu force specials with the assists covering for the slow ginyu firce startups.
    3. Cpt ginyu is all about ginyu force so any discussion of him will necessarily apply to that aspect of the character, in order of appearance from round start, heres a simple overview of ginyu force helpers.
    1. Simple ki projectile but has some tracking qualities, S version is like a non invincible DP that will "grab" and stun ground and airborn opponents that are commited to an attack or not blocking and allow for a full combo if ginyu reacts fast enough.
    2. Knee tackle, S version is a charged up beam that locks down and covers the entire bottom half of the screen, use this both for approaches and close range lockdown.
    3. Multi hit kick... can be aimed in the air as well. S version flies around and covers the top half of the screen for a huge amount of time. Use this to lock off the top half of the screen and restrict your opponent to grounded movement. Combine this with a beam assist to cover the entire screen in crap for a short amount of time.
    4. Angled fireball. Use this as an "empty jump" for a jumpin attack or in blockstrings to get "free" jumpins. Particularly strong because it appears in the air so its harder to interrupt, also has homing features making it easier to use. S version locks down the entire screen in downward angked fireballs but has an incredibly long amount of startup time.

    How to use ginyu force:

    1. As ranged spam... not super effective.
    2. As approach tools... not terrible if the situation is correct.
    3. As lockdown... one of the best options, but ginyu has to get an approach to use this strategy.
    4. Try to use every special in the correct fashion...basically trying to engineer the correct situation based on what special is next in the rotation... probably amongst the best strategies to use.

    Helper 1 ki variant is good both close and far, grounded opponent or not. Probably best to use the ki variant of this more than the special version.
    Helper 2. Ki variant is good upclose. S version is good close and far. Probably best to aim to use the special version the most.
    Helper 3. Ki variant is good upclose and can be called in the air. Air version seems weak at this time. S version is very powerful when called in the air or from far. S version seems like the most useful version.
    Helper 4. Ki variant is good from range and upclose. S version is extremely powerful but has huge startup. Ki version looks like the version you want to use more outside specific setups for the S version.


    Ginyu force can always call 2 ki variants at a time one after another, or a ki variant immediately follwed by an S version, making his patterns even more interchangeable. Ginyu is probably best played as a lockdown /approaching character with some ok ranged tools if not abused.

    His S version moves are his best for keepaway, with a ki version or assist beforehand to set them up.
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    So I guess Miracle Bomber blocks super dashes?

    Anything else it does?
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    This stuff is great, thanks dude.
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    Some footage of Chris G using Ginyu

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    This showed up on my suggested videos on youtube and I thought I would share it here.

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