Secret Santa 2017 - Sign Up Oct 1 to Nov 10.



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    Darksakul wrote: »
    jopamo wrote: »
    Darksakul wrote: »
    So with the SRK forums going away at the end of the month...’re joking, right?

    I wish, just when I was about to get back in the game.

    Glad I was able to participate too if this truly is the last TTSS, but I'm sure TT will resurface :prayer: :prayer: :prayer:
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    I have received my package! Technically, someone else picked it up for me, and I can only put my hands on it this weekend :(

    But still, thanks @killkong1211 !!

    Really sad the place is being shutdown, and I really hope there's a new place that this can be continued (tech talk part at least). I might be lurking most of the time, but I have learned a lot from reading stuff here.
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    Almost everyone got their gifts, I believe...
    And we build BALLER SHIT! (c) Matskat
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    And a lot of people (including my procrastinating ass) haven’t yet posted their pics and thanks in-thread. While some would argue “why bother now?” I say...

    “Because this ain’t the end!”
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    Why look at that?
    Time to ask this thread to get unsticked,
    Easter is only 45 days away
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    Time flies doesn't it. Until later this year folks!
    And we build BALLER SHIT! (c) Matskat
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