does anyone have a good CC for Guile?

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hey ppl, i new to the boards here and i'm here to ask a question about CCs. so if any of you play as Guile and play A groove, [do you have a good a groove combo for Guile?] I'm really desperate to know. i have a guile combo of my own but it's pretty :lame: all i do is = jump in, HK, *DING*, mash MK, <,>,<, any kick. But it does some fair damage. So if you have any ideas with Guile that comes with a good CC, please post here. I'm desperate to learn a good CC for guile. thanks a bunch.:)


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    fierce x3
    roundhouse until corner
    hold forward + MK x3
    fierce sonic boom x infinite
    forward , back, forward kick super OR trip into summersault kick super
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    k an a-guiles thread turns into flame war, interesting...

    anyways here's my custom...
    mid screen
    activate, c. FP x2, s. RK x4, f+FK x 6, b+FP, FP Sonic Boom x5, s. RK, Blade Kick Super or Punch Kick Super thing.
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    To who ever made this thread if you want them I have a few vids of some matches in Japan where A Guile is used, Just hit me up on AIM and I'll be glad to give them to you it's the same SN as I have here.

    I use guile in one of my casual teams heres the CC I normaly do, Don't know if it's been posted the two jokers in the flame war made me not wanna read anything.

    C.Fpx2, far RKx6, foward+ Foward kickx11 XX Kick super.

    Does good damage the timeing is like Chun Li's CC and it's nothing that you won't be able to do after 30 mins in Training mode.
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