Update: Rules for this forum

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As MrWizard mentioned in the EVO forum: NO EVO 2K7 FINALS VIDS AT ALL!!!! Dunno how I plan on handling that should you post it, but just don't do it.

EDIT - It has occurred to me that a lot of you have been asking(and possibly linking) to the 2 Girls 1 Cup video. If I catch any of that shit(i.e. disturbing vids that involve self-mutilation and other grotesque things) here one more time, I'm probably gonna infract you and I WILL delete your thread on the spot. Let's keep it clean, kids.
<Chibi> ill make sure to have komi invite you when he weds his hug pillow though
<@bellreisa>; you may now kiss the waifu
<@bellreisa>; if you're lucky she might even kiss back


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    Its a instant ban, use it if you need to.
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