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For all the peeps in IMM, I've noticed an obvious influx of stick art requests in the BIG thread. So I figured, instead of searching through the BIG request thread for a template posted way back when, this thread can be the depository for stick art templates, so people would actually be able to design stick art with the button layout in mind (I do =P), and artists would refer people to this thread whenever someone requests stick art.

I'm hoping some of the artists, like Tat Guy, will step in here every once and a while and contribute. I'm not solely doing stick arts on my own--I'm more of a mediator of this thread much like str[e]ak is for the BIG ONE. A couple of small rules:

1. Stick art TEMPLATES associated with your stick art is REQUIRED! I, nor do any other artists, shouldn't be burdened with snooping around the internet looking for your template when you have 2 big resources, GOOGLE, and THE STICK TEMPLATE THREAD in the Tech Talk forum.

2. Request downtime - There's gonna be time off between posting requests, and should be a MINIMUM of 2 weeks inbetween. Nothing more scornful than a person requesting something, having it done, and request something else less than a day later.

That's pretty much it, for the moment. Got any questions, hit me up on PM or AIM = icantfeelmyhair


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