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Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Player Roster

Phil McFlyPhil McFly TechnologicJoined: Posts: 319 mod
New Game (kinda), new Roster thread... the other one got incredibly long anyway.


SRK Name: Phil McFly
XBL Tag: Phil McFly
Location: Central Jersey
Characters: Whoever
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  • ShakuganShakugan Joined: Posts: 693
    SRK Name: Shakugan
    XBL Tag: ShakuLightning
    Location: South Jersey
    Characters: Juri, Adon
    I represent South Jersey
  • LuppyLuptoniumLuppyLuptonium Entertainer Supreme. Joined: Posts: 240
    SRK Name: LuppyLuptonum
    XBL Tag: luptonium
    Location: Northeast PA
    Characters: Dudley, Cammy, Sakara
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  • eddymastaeddymasta The Man Without Fear Joined: Posts: 702
    SRK Name: Eddymasta
    XBL Tag: Angrylobster1
    Location: Central Florida
    Characters: Guy, Juri
    GGPO: Angrylobster
  • Mr.SNKMr.SNK . . . . -B Joined: Posts: 1,809 mod
    SRK Name: Mr.SNK
    XBL Tag: Mr SNK
    Location: Arizona
    Characters: E.Honda
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  • RockstaritusRockstaritus Joined: Posts: 16
    XBL: Pocketdrew
    Location: Corpus Christi, Tx
    Characters: Adon
  • TyramTyram GIVING DA BUSINESS!! Joined: Posts: 3,162
    XBL: Tyram SRK
    Location: Fairfield CA
    Characters: DeeJay
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    GGPO: Tyram
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  • GrumpiSmurfGrumpiSmurf been usin Honda Joined: Posts: 106
    Gamertag: GrumpiSmurf
    Location: Brooklyn, NYC
    Boss: E.Honda
    Unerboss: Ken
    Consigliere: Guile
    Caporegimes: Bison, Vega
    Soldiers: Cody, Deejay, Dan
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  • DooM_DooM_ Stay Puft Joined: Posts: 111
    SRK Name - DooM_
    XBL Tag - MFDooM2k
    Location - Moreno Valley, Ca
    Characters - Hakan, Juri, Cody, Guy
  • Missing PersonMissing Person Quickly becoming the Sailor Moon S guy. Joined: Posts: 14,107
    SRK Name: Missing Person
    XBL Tag: WatCnBrwnDo4U
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  • DaDesiCanadianDaDesiCanadian orangecat av! Joined: Posts: 6,902
    SRK NAME: DaDesiCanadian
    XBL Tag: DaDesi SRK
    Location: Toronto, Canada
    Characters: Abel
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  • del1riumdel1rium Hype Junkie Joined: Posts: 1,802
    SRK Name: del1rium
    XBL Tag: delirium83
    Location: NYC-ish
    Characters: Bison (main), Cody, Juri
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  • fireatwillfireatwill drumnbass Joined: Posts: 212
    SRK Name: fireatwill
    XBL Tag: fireatwill
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    Characters: Guile.
  • gouki_cookiegouki_cookie Gracias!! Joined: Posts: 142
    SRK Name: gouki_cookie
    XBL Tag: Gouki Cookie
    Location: So Cal
    Characters: Main-Chun Alt-Rog, Fuerte, Blanka In Training-Viper, Makoto
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  • del1riumdel1rium Hype Junkie Joined: Posts: 1,802
    Gouki Cookie
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    East Coast Throwdown 5 Photos
    More tournament photography: rmpaul.com
  • buttnakedchoke3buttnakedchoke3 Sneaker Man Joined: Posts: 29
    srk- buttnakedchoke3
    xbl gtag- buttnakedchoke7 (originally buttnakedchoke3 but xbox made me change it like 5 times)
    location- columbus, ohio
    ssf4- haken, guile, t-hawk
  • NiFTY NuGGETNiFTY NuGGET derp Joined: Posts: 198
    Location - Louisiana
    Character(s) - Akuma , Fei (rarely)
  • urkangijordiurkangijordi Spelled UrkAngiJordi Joined: Posts: 90
    SRK Name: UrkAngiJordi
    XBL Tag: urkangijordi
    Location: Baltimore Maryland
    Characters: Ken, Gouken, Sakura, Ibuki
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  • napsnaps Van Huh? Fanboy! Joined: Posts: 64
    SRK Name: naps
    XBL Tag: watchout_y0
    Location: Oakland CA
    Characters: Ryu, Deejay
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  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    XBL : XplosivePeanut
    Location: Shithole, Alabama
    Character(s): Ibuki, Adon, Ryu
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    SRK Name: XplosivePeanut
    XBL Tag: XplosivePeanut
    Location: Alabama
    Characters: Ibuki, Adon, Ryu
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    XBL- XzNoLuckzX
    Location- Orlando
    Characters- Ibuki, Cammy, Ryu
  • TornixTornix Final Bout Co-Streamer Joined: Posts: 147
    SRK Name: Tornix
    XBL Tag: Tornix SRK
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  • J0E LEWISJ0E LEWIS Always Godlike Joined: Posts: 834
    SRK Name: J0E LEWIS
    XBL Tag: J0E LEWIS
    Location: Central New Jersey
    Characters: T.Hawk
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  • NinjaCWNinjaCW Joined: Posts: 486
    SRK Name: NinjaCW
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    Character(s): Makoto
  • ExcorsismExcorsism Joined: Posts: 137
    SRK NAME: Excorsism
    XBL Tag: Excorsism
    Location: UCLA
    Character: Guy
  • ssj2jeffssj2jeff Joined: Posts: 701
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    Sub: dudley
    Location: miami florida
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  • .ShotS.ShotS GraniteAss of Legend Joined: Posts: 178
    SRK Name: .ShotS
    XBL Tag: oShotS
    Location: Southern California
    Character(s): C.Viper, Ibuki
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  • LaneLane down for 3rd strikue frinedlies Joined: Posts: 3,326
    XBL Tag: Glumbie
    Location: Maryland
    Characters: Ibuki, Ryu, Makoto
    btw 3s didn't die. The old guys that run evo and all the other tournaments forced it into retirement because it couldn't turn up a nice enough profit for their mcribs and abercrombie jackets.
  • Manny_OManny_O Joined: Posts: 710
    SRK Name: Manny_O
    XBL Tag: mannyo1232
    Location: Connecticut
    Character(s): Juri, Viper
  • Elderdruid44Elderdruid44 Joined: Posts: 40
    SRK Name: Elderdruid44
    XBL Tag:MisakixCybuster
    Location: Connecticut ( East Coast)
    Characters: Undecided.
  • Shadow5587Shadow5587 MagCheato Joined: Posts: 71
    XBL GT: El Qwik Draw
    Location: nyc
    Character: Balrog
  • metalmike31216metalmike31216 The Wall Joined: Posts: 1,110
    location:So Cal
    Characters: Rog, Ryu
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  • GEAR-XGEAR-X Pad Monster Joined: Posts: 57
    SRK Name: GEAR-X
    XBL Tag: Shadow Nanaya
    Location: Northeastern Pennsylvania
    Characters: Juri, Akuma
    Marvel 3 Team: Wekser, Wolverine, Akuma
    Mortal Kombat Mains: Reptile, Raiden
    AE Mains: Dee Jay, Evil Ryu
  • KacomKacom Joined: Posts: 268
    XBL: Kacom
    Location: South Jersey
    Characters: Blanka, Rose, Dudley
  • TaiHyugaTaiHyuga Joined: Posts: 33
    SRK Name:TaiHyuga
    XBL Tag : graytrigger
    Location : Brooklyn NY
    Characters: Ibuki,Ryu
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  • joeresiorexjoeresiorex RIP CVS2! 4-15-2010 Joined: Posts: 183
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  • YokoshoYokosho DeAndreWay Joined: Posts: 12
    SRK Name: Mickel Brown
    XBL Tag: vVv Yokosho Current (other : vVv MStaR)
    Location: London, UK
    Characters : Main : Sakura
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  • MonkeybeerMonkeybeer Fighting Playboy Joined: Posts: 117
    SRK Name: Monkeybeer
    XBL Tag: Monkeybeerhax
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    Characters: Dudley, Balrog, and Deejay.
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    SRK Name: Nphect
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    Characters: Balrog, Ryu, Juri, and a few others
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    SRK Name: PhilDSnutz
    XBL tag: Sickest Kid
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    Characters: Guile, Dan. (I'm serious.)
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