VF5:FS Tutorial Videos

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Learn to play VF5:FS. Watch this collection of training videos created by virtuafighter.com members and SEGA.

The videos in this below are from the UltrachenTV Show on June 5, 2012:

These videos provide information and suggestions on how to approach the Virtua Fighter game system--from beginner level advice to more advanced tactical information. The show's hosts, UltraDavid and James Chen asked the questions, while the show's guest, LA Akira, provided the answers. This is about four hours of information.

First Attack - Episode 15 - Part 1

First Attack - Episode 15 - Part 2

Level 3 Focus - Episode 13 - Part 1

Level 3 Focus - Episode 13 - Part 2

Check out this excellent tutorial video put together by Dandy_J. At over 2 and half hours of footage, he covers a wide range of topics geared toward new players as well as experienced players from other Fighting Games!

Basics - 0:28, Evade - 32:09, Knockdowns - 42:46, Fuzzy guard - 1:06:23, Option selects - 1:31:34, Back and side turned - 1:45:27, Ring outs and walls - 2:01:55, General tips - 2:18:01

There were a couple of points made which were technically incorrect, and I'm not sure if this was on intended in order to simplify the explanation, but just in case and/or if any new players really want to know:

Side Frame Bonus
The side frame bonus advantage is determined by the base damage of the attack. I think you mentioned that only Punches received a bonus of 2 frames from the side, while everything else got 3 frames. The way it works is:

base damage 14 or less: +2
base damage between 15 and 24: +3
base damage 25 or more: +6

Counter Hit Bonus
Similarly for the counter hit bonus, you mentioned it was based on the attack class (P, 2P, etc), when again it's based on damage of the attack being interrupted:

base damage 24 or less: 1.5x
base damage 25 or more: 1.75x

Videos Sponsored by Sega:

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3
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Watch for the fabulous KNEE!


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    Hmm this should get stickied!

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    Great stuff, but the info is very overwhelming.
    Granted, I watched a lot of it, but the main thing I don't understand is the throw break system.

    Seems to be a lot of talk on how exactly throw break works among the people here, so I was hoping for a clear answer here.
    Wondering: how exactly DOES throw break work?
    I was told you can input 2 throw breaks in a window, in case they go for a back, natural, or forward throw.
    You can choice either 2, and hope to break it. Is this really the case?
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    You only get 1 throw break. There are no Muli-Throw Breaks, anymore. Just 1.
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    You only get 1 throw break. There are no Muli-Throw Breaks, anymore. Just 1.
    Ah! Thanks for cleaning that up! :D

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    I'm gonna check these out. I neEd morE POHWAAAAAAAAAAAA
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    For those of you who have a decent grasp of VF and are looking to step your game up.

    Started about a week ago, making videos showing off all the moves that you can punish when you BLOCK them. Punishment is such a huge thing in VF, that guaranteed damage can make or break a round / match. Have 7 of the cast done right now. I'll have the rest out in not too long.

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    Figured it would make more sense to post this series i started in this thread then making a new one...hope you enjoy.

    That guy who puts VF games on Youtube - www.youtube.com/norburyman
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