Our Boy Punish at Ceo!!

JellokJellok Joined: Posts: 39
I hope everybody saw Punish on stream he was doing his thing!! Had the whole crowd excited...yea!!


  • C.I.WilderC.I.Wilder Joined: Posts: 336
    Ya I saw him putting it down those combos were godlike.
  • VorkosiganVorkosigan AWOOOGA Joined: Posts: 1,920
    It was very impressive, I had never seen him play before
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  • C.I.WilderC.I.Wilder Joined: Posts: 336

    Here is the match if you haven't seen it.
  • Epoch MasamuneEpoch Masamune Joined: Posts: 350
    That was one of the sickest matches of that tourney. Best tournament strange play I've seen so far.
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  • CTGCTG Army of Zero Joined: Posts: 6,362
    Been playing Cap on and off in Ultimate (Cap/Zero or Zero/Cap). Had to stop in and give props to Punish. He definitely did his thing.
  • YawDanYawDan Joined: Posts: 698
    That was sick! I'm glad you guys made this thread, brilliant Cap and Strange!
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  • AfroMHAfroMH TAKIN' YOU PUNKS DOWN! Joined: Posts: 291
    I'm hoping to see some more excellent Cap play at Evo this year. So tired of seeing all of these fraudulent Caps on stream.
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  • t3ngut3ngu やれやれだぜ Joined: Posts: 87
    Does anyone have a mirror link? It says the video is private.
  • Alvin81Alvin81 69th HipsterLord Joined: Posts: 150
    Does anyone have a mirror link? It says the video is private.


    around 10:25 mark
  • PunishIgnorancePunishIgnorance Joined: Posts: 11
    Thanks for the support, fellow Caps
  • PunishIgnorancePunishIgnorance Joined: Posts: 11
    In the above link, my other match (vs corrupt tyson) is around 6:17 for those interested
  • LeonHeartLeonHeart True Patriot Joined: Posts: 135
    Punish now means that Strange's Bolts of Balthaak assist has rocketed up the assist tier list.
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