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Looking for a cap to train against

ClonedpickleClonedpickle Joined: Posts: 284
Need to get some practice against Captain America(I suck by the way :D)if anyone wants to play some games just pm me or post here.
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  • ken123103ken123103 You're just mad because your angry Joined: Posts: 597
    What system?
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  • ClonedpickleClonedpickle Joined: Posts: 284
    Oh...forgot to put the system I'm on xbox
    UMVC3:PW/Haggar/Dr.Doom - PW/Spencer/Dr.Doom
    SFV: Mika
  • Savila92Savila92 Joined: Posts: 14
    I wouldnt mind playing against you . Play cap as well . Im not the best though . Picked this game up two weeks ago. Hmu bro if i wanna play
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  • ReturnOfSantaReturnOfSanta SALTY SANTA Joined: Posts: 430
    what coast do you live on?
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