Breaking The Bank w/ Captain America

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"Please understand that the combos you see in this video is not the most damage you can get and is not the only way to get this kind of damage. Use this as a way to understand damage/hit stun scaling and open your mind to new combos with under used/unexpected characters."

I would like to see the ways people can break 1mil w/ Captain America as point with out DHC,THC,TAC, X-factor, or Hard tagging.


  • CongoJackCongoJack Joined: Posts: 35
    Any decent cap combo with the 4bar finisher(FJ>HCS) will net over 1mil. That finisher alone does around 600k. So that isn't much of a challenge for cap. Now if it was 1mil with 1bar, that would be a different story.
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    You can hit a mil with drones and hidden missiles starting with one bar. Cap Can net over 810k by himself without a level 3.

    I should provide a video, but unfortunately I do not have a video capture card and I'm not really a fan of mobile phone recordings lol.
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