Kratos : I am The God of War!

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L1. Ap gain ( )
Lv2. Ap gain ( )
Lv3. Ap gain ( )

Combo Legend
d. = down
u. = up
1 = square
2 = triangle
3 = circle
j. = empty jump

Starter Combos : I will update all of the ap gains a little later today, I am a doing a million things but wanted this thread to be made.

1,1, d.1, 1, 1, u.1, 1,1,u.1 -

Variation - 1,1, d.1, 1,1, u.1, 1,1, j. , 1, 1, u.1 - This will burst

1,1, d.1, 2, u.1, j, 1, 1, u.1 - possible burst (will confirm then.)

Variation - 1,1,d.1,2,u.1, j. 1,1, f+1

Spear Combos :

j.d3, f+2(ground), bounce, u.1, 1,1,u.1, j. , u.1 - burst
j.f+2, 1,1,d.1,u.1,1,1,u.1
j.f+2, 1,1,d.1,1,1,u.1,1,1,u.1 - burst
j.f+2, d.1,1,1,u.1, 1,1,delay, j. u.1 - burst
1,1,d.1, j.f+2, bounce, u.1, j.1,1,u.1 - should burst

Up Grab Ap Burst Combo :

up grab, 2,delay, u.1, 1,1,delay, u.1, j., u.1 - burst
Very simple and will make people fear your throw game with kratos.

Medusa Head Combos :

1, 1, d.1, d.3, f+1, wall bounce, j. , 1, 1, u.1 - should easy burst

j. d.3 , j. f+2, 1,1,d.1,u.1, 1,1,u.1 - (hard as hell to link j.f+2 from j.d.3 but worth it)

d.3 (fully charged) dash forward, d.3, d.1, d.3, wall bounce, u.1, 1,1,u.1 - should burst

This is what I have for now, I am finishing up my combo video today and will post it on here when it is done. I enjoy kratos, I think he has some fun untapped stuff yet do to people just abusing f+1.


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    *reserved for videos I'm editing now*

    My first combo vid with kratos, also showing off some easy ap bursts :)
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    Just finished the Survive Level 3 challenge with Kratos.

    A.I. developers, I'll see you in hell.
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