All Stars 2v2 Matchmaking Thread

TSwizzleTSwizzle FearlessJoined: Posts: 322
Didn't see a thread for finding partners to play in 2v2. Just add your PSN here and I'll edit accordingly. Any other info you post I can also add as well. Hopefully we can get some strong teams and synergy going.

TSwift4EVA - Dante - Southern California
ProjectSeoul - Dante/Drake - Hawaii
GoddessBracelet - Spike/E. Cole - Pennsylvania
Dnllnd - Toro - Southern California
Zan-Sam - Ratchet - Chicago
Flowtaro - Sweet Toth, Raiden, Cole, Radec, Sir Dan - DC
PJMontbleau - Sir Dan, Sweet Tooth, Big Daddy - Houston
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  • ProjectSeoulProjectSeoul お前はもう死んでいる Joined: Posts: 94
    PSN: ProjectSeoul
    Location: US Hawaii
    Characters: Dante Main and I mess around with Drake a little.

    West Coast preferred but i'm down to play with whoever.
  • GoddessBraceletGoddessBracelet Great Magic! Joined: Posts: 772
    PSN : goddessbracelet
    Location : Pennsylvania
    Characters : Spike, sometimes evil cole for the power.
  • ll.ndll.nd Joined: Posts: 431
    PSN: dnllnd
    Location: Southern California
    Characters: Toro
  • ZansamZansam Frank Time! Joined: Posts: 1,289
    Thanks for making this, was thinking of doing it myself.

    PSN: Zan-sam
    Location: Chicago
    Characters: Ratchet, but I'm tinkering with Kratos/Sweet Tooth/Drake.
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  • Leebee LinkLeebee Link (they/them) Joined: Posts: 2,318
    PSN: Flowtaro
    Location: DC
    Characters: Sweet Tooth, Raiden, Cole, Radec, Sir Dan
    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure- Mariah, Jotaro
    KoF XIII- Robert, Elisabeth, Ash
    Battle Fantasia- Urs, Ashley, Face
  • pjmontbleaupjmontbleau Joined: Posts: 9
    PSN : PjMontbleau
    Location: Houston
    Characters: Dan, Sweet Tooth, Big Daddy
    Belts: Single Purple : 2v2 Brown
    Looking for someone wanting to do ranked 2v2
  • CrimsonHMDCrimsonHMD Joined: Posts: 148
    PSN: CrimsoHMD
    Note: new to the PS3
    Location: NewYork
    Characters: Main Nariko secondary E.Cole
    Black Belt in FFA ranked not sure about the others though
  • SnakeofNinjutsuSnakeofNinjutsu Kallen Kouzuki FTW Joined: Posts: 346
    PSN: SnakeofNinjutsu
    Location: Florida
    Character: Nariko
    P4A - Elizabeth
    IGAU - Catwoman
    Jojo - Dio/Giorno
  • palipali PSN:Heavyjugz Joined: Posts: 976
    Location: Texas
    Character:Fat Princess(main) Dante, Parappa.
  • DopplesDopples TheFinestBrew Joined: Posts: 99
    PSN: TheFinestBrew
    Location: Southern California (Best Coast)
    Character(s): Main: Drake. Sub(s): Don'te, E. Cole, Sweet Tooth
    TvC: Frank West/Casshern UMvC3:She-Hulk/lol/lol PSABR:Drake/Kat (RIP Barrels) Persona 4 Arena: Aigis (Former Kanji main/fraud) Injustice: Harley Quinn (This'll be a blast!)
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  • SaucepotSaucepot Joined: Posts: 7
    PSN: So_Much_Sauce

    Location: Uk

    Characters: Sweet Tooth
    PSN: So_Much_Sauce

    XBL GT: AnxiousBrute
  • shin kaishin kai Joined: Posts: 70
    edited March 2013
    PSN: Jonathan_Doe

    Location: Souther California

    Main: Raiden, Kat
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  • JoshLeNoirJoshLeNoir Joined: Posts: 1
    edited April 2013
    PSN: Joshlenoir
    Location: Canada (Alberta)
    Main: Kratos, Cole(both), Sly Cooper.
    51 Brown belt in FFA. 64 purple in 2v2.
    Looking for a solid 2v2 partner. I'm 900+ with kratos Nd sly cooper. 999 evil cole and really good with good cole, just reaching over level 300 from today alone.
    Inbox me or just add me straight off psn if you want to play
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