Am I a Scrub?

darkzero197darkzero197 PGFX McDougieJoined: Posts: 65
I love Street Fighter, but the more I play online, the more I begin to hate it. I only have about 500 player points to my name, and they constantly go up, and down, and this process goes on constantly, my objective is to break 1000 pp so i can play the better players.

But I have a problem, there is no respect online at all!

Believe me, I know that respect isnt a strong suit in the online world, but even if I outplay someone who dps for no reason, I still lose.

I play seth so a ryu's dragon punch is the bane of my existence. If I try doing my dive kick mixups, I get dp'd. I try to go for a combo into spin kicks.
The combo doesnt go like low short, low jab, low strong into spin kicks.

Its low short, low jab ---- SHORYUKEN!


Im not bad at the game be any means, but people resorting to stupid stuff like this is friggin ridiculous. I try baiting dragon punchs, but they still throw out random dragon punch

It feels like thats the only move people know...


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