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    Hello all I am still new to the forums and I hope this isn't against policies posting in a dead discussion but I have a friend that main Yu and I am trying to figure out what to watch out for in the yukiko v. Yu match up. I have not run across many Yu players on xbl so I don't know his play style. Thanks.
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    Sorry this is late.

    Anyway, Narukami has a really strong oki game and blockstrings that can lead to overheads -> more damage. A lot of time will be spent blocking if he knocks you down, so you'll just have to get used to individual blockstrings and tendencies.

    As Yukiko you can't get too complacent with throwing fans, cause you'll eat Persona-carts, and jumping in on him is dangerous due to his 2B. You can control space with single fan throws and maragis at range, just be wary when he has meter cause he can punish a lot of things on reaction with Persona-carts or super.

    You have to be very careful about your blockstrings when he's in awakening, since if they aren't tight you could eat a crossslash. 5aa is safe, but followups can be interrupted, so jumpcancelling is an option. Ideally you catch him at max range 5aa, then jumpcancel if you need to; if you're too close he can just DP you as you jump.

    If you block Narukami's DP, be aware that he can cancel to super before he lands or when he lands, so if you intend to punish and he has meter, it's safer to run behind him and 5b (counterhit) 236D and lead into stuff.

    A lot of newer Narukami's like to throw out 5d randomly in a blockstring. If you see Narukami throw his hand out and has Izanagi plant his weapon in the ground, it's not safe; you can sweep, 236B him away, or go for a bigger punish if you're closer.

    Other tricks include Ziodyne OMC (100 meter), then he can mix you up while you're getting hit by the lightning. You always have the option to counterassault the followup, which will get you out, but if he baits it you get hit.

    If a Narukami does C Ziodyne (the fast one), you can punish it anywhere on the screen with 6D after you block it. It's also free instant block food, so you can mash back all you want while you block it.

    Grounded Raging Lions (the overhead) are safe on block against Yukiko, and at advantage if Narukami uses the B or SB version, so try not to stick limbs out too often, otherwise he'll catch you with his faster buttons.

    It can be a tough matchup, especially when you're first starting out since there are situations where you will be forced to block. A lot.
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    What are some good ways for Yukiko to get out of pressure? I know the DP can be used, but all her normals are so slow. ;-;

    Her 2A is still slower than a lot of things. So is there anything to do besides tough it out and block everything?

    In unrelated news, I learned that you can use Agi B a total of three times in a row before it disappears.
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    Yukiko has to take risks to get out of pressure. This combined with her lack of a quick anti-air or air-unblockable move makes it easily to stay on her once she's knocked down. Really, Dia and Counterassault are your only good options. Other than that, it's all up to blocks. Try and learn what moves you can punish more easily after an IB, that'll help a bit too. Well timed evasive actions are also useful, but most people will be looking for one of these to punish.
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    This thread is kind of dead, which makes me sad. So here are some things I discovered, or just thought of

    Dia can be super cancelled into Agidyne or Maragidyne. So that's one way to make your DP kind of safe.

    Try to have unblockable on as often as possible, but don't turn it on willy-nilly or you'll get punished hard.

    After a j.C Konohana-Sakuya will remain where you sent her out, so use that to apply pressure if your opponent blocks your j.C

    A main goal of mine is to get your opponent away full-sceen with Sakuya behind them. This can be achieved with a 236B and then 3D. After that, you can apply full screen pressure.

    For midscreen, if you time it correctly, you can follow up from Agidyne D with a Maragidyne D.

    2/j D and 2a can be used in tandem to create an unblockable of sorts.

    In other news, one of the guys I lobby with plays a mean Labrys and I just can't seem to apply pressure well since he comes down so aggresively and most of Yukiko's normals are to slow to punish his rolls. Advice please?
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    I saw this thread pop up on the news feed...
    I got excited because I thought it was a thread about tofu recipes...
    I am disappoint.
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