Show us your HORI Arcade Stick!

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Hello Fighting Game fans! Please post your HORI Arcade Stick (Customized or not) and we will select a few sticks weekly to feature on our Facebook, website and promotional material. We look forward to seeing your arcade stick!
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    KOF and AE 2012
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    One of my TT Secret Santa submission photos.

    <Toodles> Seven boards assembled. All popped in and tested. All seven with the IC soldered on backwards.
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    YouTube Channel - All sorts of random vidya's of fighting games and shit.
    Stream - Watch me bad in various classic fighting games.
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    I'm not sure if you can still call it a stick, per se, but mine was formerly a HFS3:

    [Image removed for the moment, sorry]

    (Keys are Cherry MX reds, and the back has a switch linked to a break-out board that switches the punches and kicks)
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    Hori Fighting Stick VX.
    Custom top-panel and plexi; JLF with Link shaft, octo-gate and bat-top; Seimitsu PS-14K clear buttons
    Current at-home stick: Hori VLX Kuro (LS-40-01 + PS-14-K)
    Current portable stick: Mad Catz TvC (LS-40-01 + PS-14-KN)
    Current guest-sticks: custom ABS Modular stick (JLF + OBSN-30), custom Saint-stick (Happ/IL Competition)
    Cabinet: custom "Resistor" cabinet (32" LCD, X360, P1=LS-32-01 + PS-14-KN, P2=JLF + OBSC-30)
    Previous sticks: custom Happ CvS2 Double-sticks, custom Happ Hitomi-stick & Xenosaga-stick, custom Sanwa/Seimitsu Neptune-stick and Sylvia-stick, modded Mad Catz TvC, modded Mad Catz Brawlstick, modded Hori FSVX, modded Exar Exaprize

    Looking for:
    CPS2 (green or blue): Hyper SF2
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    My Hori Fighting Edge 15fgoqg.jpg
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    Thanks to everybody who has participated and posted their HORI arcade sticks so far! Check out our Facebook see which ones are being posted. Keep'em coming!
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    Hori EX2 Fightstick. Bought on a budget years ago, just now got around to upgrading the parts to full sanwa and changing out the art. Here's the result:

    My main is C. Viper, and my best friend's main is Chun, so i was ecstatic when I found this art

    Side-view, for funsies

    A close-up of C.Viper and the awesome smoky balltop (and the top of my finger.... ><)

    close-up of button arrangement and chun-li
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    Thats all I got.

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    My Tekken 5 Hori has undergone two facelifts ever since I got with my Tekken 5 bundle back in February 2005.

    I got into modding sticks ever since Tatsunoko vs. Capcom was released and
    my Tekken 5 Hori was my gateway for many stick mods to follow.

    Here's my Tekken 5 Hori back in EVO 2010 during Tatsunoko vs. Cacpom Top 8. At the time, I was using a Seimitsu LS-32-01 with it.
    I got it signed by Nitsuma-san (who wrote "CAPCOM" near the Namco logo) and Seth Killian, but it has worn off a bit on the bottom.


    Here's what it looks like in the present. I took out the LS-32-01 in place of a Sanwa JLF. All buttons still Sanwa.
    I drilled in Start and Select on the top rim.

    Thor/M.O.D.O.K/Viewtiful Joe
    Long live the Mighty THODOK! I do stick mods, too! for TvC:UAS and T5DR vids
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    evxm.jpg[img][/img]evxm.jpg Uploaded with
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    Here are mine


    ::Mod till your heart's content::
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    Actually mine is the regular HRAP 3. The T6 edition is my friend's. I put them close to each other to see the differences.
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    Wow, @Markman, Hori should tap you to help them open a museum! If you have that many Hori sticks, I'm almost afraid to ask how many MCZ sticks you have, lol!

    I have to say that @syn13's collection is quite impressive! As well!
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    PlayDoh003 wrote: »
    Wow, @Markman, Hori should tap you to help them open a museum! If you have that many Hori sticks, I'm almost afraid to ask how many MCZ sticks you have, lol!

    I have to say that @syn13's collection is quite impressive! As well!

    I have more Hori sticks than anything else, lol. Those are just the ones I have laying out in my living room >.>

    Syn13 has an amazing collection. I appreciate anyone that can appreciate variety and arcade sticks <3
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    @d3v - I'm diggin' that Ibuki logo!

    Although I have no Hori stick of my own, I do have to say that a Hori Dead or Alive 4 stick was ALMOST my first fight stick... But then life happened.
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    Also: The Boxed stuff.
    Arcana Heart 2 HRAP2: PCB desoldered and replaced with quick disconnect harness
    DeathSmiles IIX HRAP.EX: I love this stick because it's not a standard Sega cab layout, it actually employs the Namco Noir button layout. Replaced clone buttons with translucent blue buttons.
    Mushihime-sama Futari HRAP.EX: One of the first variants I got. I wanted the HRAP.EX-SE but missed out when there was a huge sale back in the day.
    Blazblue Continuum Shift HRAP3-SA: It's a shame that I couldn't get my hands on the Arcana Heart 3 red HRAP.V series. I would use this stick but all the V3 series' stock graphic is very delicate. At the rate that I play SHMUPs and Fighters, the graphics will definitely start rubbing off and bubbling/warping.
    replaced to all sanwa buttons
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    A Tekken-themed stick for a change. HRAP3 all seimitsu (LS-56 stick). Not a Print but a etch on a black Plexi.
    PSN: star1138
    Steam: thekingIGNORED
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    Wow, @syn13... Somehow, the pic of your personal VLX must not have loaded for me when you originally posted it, but the vinyl work on that is amazing! The best part of it is the transition from color panel to the monochrome trim. Nice work!
  • GeorgeCGeorgeC Joined: Posts: 2,850
    I'll get some stuff uploaded this weekend...

    I have to unbox a few things and take new photos.
    Things... have changed a bit in the past year or two.
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    @PlayDoh003 Is it deformed? Maybe this is a better view. pardon my room, it was a messy day... :D
    I realized too late that if you use a stick made of metal and paint, the paint will eventually get scuffed or damaged, I added that extra piece of vinyl on to hide the one mark on the right side. I love my VLX and it was ironically my main stick for the longest time for casuals and local tourneys(also out of province/state for one I went to). I have to do the same for my metal VL case which surprisingly weighs as much as my VLX lol.

    I also bought my bro a Fighting Stick VX, installed LEDs for him since I already had the stick apart. He loves Marvel so I did a simple Marvel Babies graphic for him lol.

    Loving both Hori and Mad Catz stuff, @MarkMan, I love the VS stick but Canada has nothing haha, I want one but I'm always strapped for cash when there's an awesome deal during tourneys(needs free shipping to your bros up North)!
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