SF4 PC: The Custom Skin Mega-thread!



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    pls guys I have a request, can someone make me a training stage mod that just replaces the background with just a plain green background? many thanks
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    You could just make a solid green texture for the background...
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    Sorry for the super-late reply, @ssf4pc, but I had the same problem as you and Google sent me here. In order to get around the pesky 'Unable to open' error when importing a file, all you need to do is right-click on the piecemonteeSF4explorer exe and select Run As Administrator. It's a Windows 7 security issue thing.
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    It looks like some kind of "find errors between those 2 pictures" game... :D
    On your left: SF4 Vanilla PC Stages & on your right: SF4 Vanilla Arcade Stages
    pc-afr.jpg arc-afr.jpg
    pc-bra.jpg arc-bra.jpg
    pc-chn.jpg arc-chn.jpg
    pc-eur.jpg arc-eur.jpg
    pc-jpn.jpg arc-jpn.jpg
    pc-jpx.jpg arc-jpx.jpg
    pc-lab.jpg arc-lab.jpg
    pc-rus.jpg arc-rus.jpg
    pc-sco.jpg arc-sco.jpg
    pc-trn.jpg arc-trn.jpg
    pc-usa.jpg arc-usa.jpg
    pc-vie.jpg arc-vie.jpg
    SF4_Vanilla_Arcade_Stages.zip: http://www.mediafire.com/?06pq6ba8het6u41

    Can someone port these to Arcade editon please?
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    Quick question: I download a costume I like, but all files are for costume #1. Say I wanted to set this one to the Swap or Alternate costume. Is there a way to do so without having to use an external tool on top of the game? (I promise I looked but didn't seem to find it)
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    I think some of the costumes r ok
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    Someone can help me? where I can download this mod? akuma [img][/img]sttret figther 4 view.php?pic=2zgdhs4&s=3#.Ul0-TFPENSM
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    Someone can help me? where I can download this mod? akuma thong bow
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