Is there a priority list every move getting overridden ?

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Can anyone explain the priority in this game when I am doing a move against characters like kazuya his normals seem to out prioritize any move I throw out as Asuka ? like if were both doing a move at the same time kazuya always gets the hit happens against many other characters as well but not all.

Do some characters moves have priority over others no matter what ?


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    its probably an issue of start up provided you and your opponent are both at neutral, like if you are sitting there doing f+2 on the same frame he is doing 1,1,2 since his 1,1,2 string starts up in 10 frames, as opposed to your f+2 which starts up in im guessing 15 to 16 frames, he will beat your button based on his start up vs your start up at frame 0. Now if you are throwing out jabs and he smashes your teeth in with an electric, that is simply a high crush in which he did a move that ducks under your high or in this case jab and was able to avoid it and promptly ensure that thing known as "your health bar" was nothing more than an urban legend.
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    It may be a punch parry, certain moves (Like Kazuya's f+2) has a built in punch parry which will prioritize depending on the frame it's inputted as opposed to your input
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    F+2 by kazuya is probably a bad example as it's extremely unreliable and inconsistent as a punch parry.

    I don't think there is really such a thing as priority it's just an issue of hitboxes just like most games. Priority is generally a myth in fighting games (Soul Calibur is an exception as I think vertical attacks outright beat horizontal ones or something).

    But remember, as balltapper said Tekken has a Crush system meaning certain attacks have properties that either low or high crush. Meaning it will crush move that hit at that level. If it's not one of the above reasons it's likely your move is getting stuffed

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