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Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition GOOD Games



  • WantonxWantonx Mooseknuckle Sammich Joined: Posts: 2,111
    Anyone ever play Iluv2nutinURmom or something like that? Dude is good with everybody and apparently has never touched ranked. Totally took me by surprise in a lobby
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  • Aoi84Aoi84 ~Pretty Fighter~ Joined: Posts: 421
    GGs to everybody I played tonight~
  • TRUTRU Bodied By Tru XBOX Gamertag Truaj79 Joined: Posts: 1,602
    Yo! Been awhile but I'm back in the game. Anyone up for some matches. My Adon is ok.
  • Ninja PhilosopherNinja Philosopher The Claw Of God Joined: Posts: 654
    GGs from anyone who Iplayed even with my salty subs. My claw still stains with the victories though ;D
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