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Add me- Looking for Xbox360 Players

PsychoChroniicPsychoChroniic Joined: Posts: 3
edited March 2014 in Super Street Fighter IV
Hey everybody, I'm looking for some people to play ssf4ae with. I'm not the best player but i accept anyone. I main bison and am learning akuma.

Lets play some street fighter :)

Gamertag: JiggaaM4N
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  • ProfProf Fresh Joined: Posts: 2,029
    Jay-Z is overrated.
  • PsychoChroniicPsychoChroniic Joined: Posts: 3
    I know, hahah. For years i've wanted to change my gamertag but never went through with it lol
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    moving to online outlets
    The artist formerly known as Starcade RIP
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